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Five Reasons Why Kate Bush Is Still More Vital Than Anyone Else

UPDATE 19th April: Ben has just tweeted the following:

Ben Myer's tweet

Great NME blog article by Ben Myers:

Next month sees the release of a new album by Kate Bush. At 52 years old she remains substantially cooler than artists half her age. Here’s why…


Meanwhile … some non-Directors Cut news and other items


Irish radio review of Director’s Cut: “Fantastic, rewarding, very lush…”


  1. Nice to meet you, Peter. (officially)

    The link is broken, unfortunately. BUT! I’ve read the article five times already and I must say it was pleasure to read and laugh! At last a postivie, fan-written article about Kate.

    What made me a bit concerned was the last paragraph which starts ‘no Kate Bush, no PJ Harvey’ (etc.). Ok, it’s semi-true. Or not at all. Even the bulb was being invented in more than 2 places in the world simultaneously. 😉 However, I do share this view a bit or at least I wanted to! But life changed it when I told my teenage pupils that without Kate Bush there would be no Lady Gaga… What a slip! I’ll repent for that for the rest of my life… 😡



  2. Paul

    Ups, i think, that link is broken :/

    And I really enjoyed the article ;]

  3. Vindrag (Sweden)

    Really good article! 😉
    Thanks for being update with everything katebushnews! =)

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