The latest news about the musician Kate Bush and her work

Kate Bush News banner

Kate’s iTunes store gets a new look…

…and quite nice it is too!

Kate's iTunes store


Flower of the Mountain – first official preview clip posted!


Q Magazine review Director’s Cut: “Succeeds….by thrusting some of her most powerful songs back into the limelight.”


  1. Vindrag (Sweden)

    I LOVE IT!!! =D
    And that picture is stunning!! 🙂

  2. giulio

    …great expectations… -)

  3. sheel

    It looks Fab. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sky

    Nice that they’ve bothered, and it’s both classy and contemporary looking.

  5. Jaakko

    Love it. Contemporary, fresh, balanced. They should update the bio, though.

  6. martine peiffer

    Just luv this picture(i find katie has a’smart’ look here),anyway,her eyes are intriging.August the 10th I’m going to London with the Eurostar train,anybody knows some good shop’s where i could find something intresting about Kate?

  7. Gabriella

    i love it ,.. the colors are wounderful….

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