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Flower of the Mountain – first official preview clip posted!

LOVING this vocal! I think we can definitely see this song being played a few times at this year’s Sensual Walk event in Howth on June 18th! 🙂



NME “first listen” review of Director’s Cut: “…like a fine wine maturing”


Kate’s iTunes store gets a new look…


  1. Vindrag (Sweden)

    Brilliant!! I love her vocals!!!
    They really speak to my soul.

  2. Jaakko

    How could I adequately describe the happy smile on my face…

  3. mats

    This is so much better than the original which lacked luster and lust, i can realy feel Kate now.Many on the forum complains that it sounds karaoke, well i dont agree.

  4. There are 2 forums for music (as with all creation):
    a) The public (critical reaction, response from media, academic judgement, sales)
    b) The personal

    After 33 years I hope most people have worked out which one matters!

  5. giulio

    THANKYOU Kate 🙂

  6. Harry Horton

    She kept to her original version in a lot of ways that really pleased me. But also has almost a middle eastern strain or essence to it and at a slower pace than the original version . THe slower tempo thus gives the piece a lush like quality to it. Sounds like a snake charmer, with his cobra, reminiscent of some of the background music in some earlier TV and movie clips from the 1950s, 1960s, where the cobra from his basket is being charmed by the musical pipe holding charmer. In anycase I definiely liked the musical essence of the piece.

  7. Carbon

    @ ARoseGrowingOld. I completely agree!!! Why do we need to be told first if it is good or not? Don’t we have our own brains we can depend on? I have this friend who always googles on how many good reviews an album had before he will debate about it with me (which I think is ridiculous).
    “The Dreaming” is her best work for me personally, and it is the album that sold the least copies for a Kate Bush album to date. Isn’t the purpose of intellectual music all about the personal, and less about the public? FIY wonderful clip, I am dying to hear the whole album!!!

  8. Rob't

    As much asI love Kate and this song, the new version doesn’t sound appreciably different than the original, at least in the clip heard hear. My least favorite of the re-imagined clips so far.

  9. Lim Wee Ping

    So happy that she still keep the pipes. Can’t wait can’t wait.

  10. giulio

    the more I listen to this clip, the happier I feel. 🙂
    THANKYOU Kate 🙂

  11. John

    A Rose Growing Old and Carbon – I totally agree. I know far too many people who sound like magazine articles and press releases when discussing albums, tv, and films!!

    That said I’m not sure how I feel about Flower of the Mountain yet to be honest so I’m keeping quiet!! :p

  12. julian

    I do like the vocals and the feelings evoked by Kate’s voice.

    It does border on Karaoke though .
    sounds a little lazy, not to rerecord all of the music. It also sounds cheap.
    Yes I like Kate, but come on, let’s not lose our critical edge.

    I would really like to know what the meaning of this compilation is? The motive? A large tax bill maybe? Cashing in on the last of the CD sales before we all turn digital. Raising funds for a new project or the new record label? hmmmm

  13. Flower of the Mountain does have an almost Turkish feel to it. At 52, Kate’s voice has a knowing, mature quality that really exposes the song to the Millennial Generation. As well as to those who may never have heard of Kate. May 16th can’t come soon enough!!

  14. will

    …i’ll have to listen to the whole song….the vocal sits on top of the mix instead of part of the mix…think that is why people think it’s karaoke…i don’t think there’s a whole lot in this clip to feel one way or the other about it….and the bit of lyric heard isn’t that different from the original…

    may16th….when we hear the whole thing and the whole album…we will chat again…

  15. Gio Willis

    I am really surprised to hear that Kate revisites her albums, in many interviews she considered her previous works as ”finished” and now she goes back revisiting them. I would have prefered some new material . The three track I partially heard add more intensity in the vocals but I am not so convinced by some of the arrangements, especially ”Flower of The Mountain”, or maybe it is this extract-

  16. Darrell

    It just gets better and better and its always worth the wait, Army Dreamers was one that really got me interested in Kate in my teens and then Breathing but to be honest with all the lyrics and meaning within the songs I could never pick a true one favourite.
    Not so long until next time please Kate !
    Darrell X

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