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MOJO Magazine cover feature and interview!

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From Mojo Magazine: “In the June issue of MOJO, we speak exclusively to the peerless Kate Bush about her return to music. Following a five-year silence, the influential artist speaks to MOJO (and only MOJO) about self-doubt, playing live, why she has decided to re-record tracks from two of her previous albums, her NEXT album, and what the estate of James Joyce have to say about it all. PLUS! A full career overview of her genius and Tricky, Antony and other stars assess her greatest work.” (thanks to Louise for the cover image) More about Mojo here.

Kate on the cover of June 2011 Mojo


Q Magazine review Director’s Cut: “Succeeds….by thrusting some of her most powerful songs back into the limelight.”


Independent: “Kate Bush – Return of the sensual woman”


  1. Alberto

    I really cannot wait to get a copy of it! I wish there was an electronic copy available immediately… I think it is going to be a very interesting interview and she is going to talk about the new album!!! Normally she just wouldn’t be keen to talk about unfinished songs/albums at all! Unless the album is….. ready?

  2. Karen Newcombe

    Oops! The link takes you to Q magazine, not Mojo.

  3. Nico

    mmm yes!
    (Note: the link you posted links to the Q magazine website)

  4. mats (another swede)

    Great news.Luckily we have Mojo in Sweden as well.A tribute to Kate was held in Stockholm recently, various artists interpreted her songs and they showed her Red Shoes movie.Our largets newspaper covered the event with a full page with forefront picture of Kate on the entertainment part of the newspaper (Dagens Nyheter).Kate is big here.

  5. Just tell me she has a mainecoon and my life is full.

    I feel I am completely lost in her music for life! And I love it! She’s so beautiful. Outside and inside.

    Can’t wait to put my little fingers on that mag!



  6. Oh Cathy – 33 years and still way out in front – and all achieved through talent, grace, and sheer emotional honesty. You are a triumph of the romantic will and an inspiration to this ageing rose….

  7. Finally this woman is getting her due. I have been listening to her for almost 25 years and she seems as popular as ever. Go Kate!!!

  8. fishy

    oooh, look, hugh laurie is in the issue too, it’s all very experiment IV

  9. David Brisker

    Two of my favorite things in the world, Kate Bush & MOJO Magazine. A free Black Keys CD too! I think I must have died & gone to heaven.

  10. Tim

    Does someone know what date the June issue is out?

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