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Independent: “Kate Bush – Return of the sensual woman”

Kate Bush is back with a collection of reworked tracks from two previous albums. Andy Gill welcomes back an eccentric and idiosyncratic talent who explored sexuality and social taboos ….

“For virtually her entire career, Bush has operated outside the prevailing trends and transient fashions of the music scene; in her music could be discerned few, if any, obvious musical precedents, the true imprimatur of the unique artist. Accordingly, like Joni Mitchell, she is frequently cited as an influence on successive generations of questing musicians, not all of them female. The lack of recognisable musical influences in her own work is partly due to her enduring preference for drawing inspiration from other media, interpolating literary works by the likes of Barrie, Joyce and Tennyson, and films by such as Kubrick and Powell and Pressburger; and to her fascination with outré intellectual weirdos like Gurdjieff and Wilhelm Reich ….”



MOJO Magazine cover feature and interview!


Kate hints at return to live stage in MOJO interview


  1. Brandon

    What a great article!! Just love it.

  2. “There has always been something of a yin/yang aspect to Bush and her work, particularly in the contrasting tropes of introspection and extroversion between which her art is strung. As she cruises into middle age, it’s entirely understandable that she should gaze back upon her former work and seek to reposition it for the future”

    Deepest Understanding of the Director’s Cut so far….

  3. giulio

    Yes, Kate Bush has been giving so much to the world of arts…
    It’s fine to see she is rightly recognized as a source of inspiration for what she’s been doing
    in music 🙂

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