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Kate’s new film for Deeper Understanding out April 26th! Preview clip posted!

From the official Facebook page:

Kate’s made an extraordinary new short film starring Robbie Coltrane, Frances Barber and Noel Fielding, to accompany the release of her current single “Deeper Understanding”. The film will be available on Kate’s official Youtube page from Tuesday 26th April 2011 and available to download from all iTunes stores worldwide. To get things started and bring you Deeper Understanding we’ve posted a short clip on YouTube here.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”518″][/youtube]

From the press release:

“Deeper Understanding’s prescience of web-age alienation seems quite remarkable” – Mojo

Kate, is releasing her new album Director’s Cut on May 16, and has directed an amazing short film to accompany the release of the current single “Deeper Understanding”. The film stars Robbie Coltrane as a successful businessman who is so obsessed by his computer that it leads to the break-up of his family (Frances Barber plays his wife) and, ultimately, his demise.

Scenes from Kate's new film

[Click on the film strip above for a larger image]

In an extraordinary sequence of shots, Coltrane is taken over by the spirit of the computer (played by Albert Bush, Kate’s son) , is reborn and seeks to exact revenge on the spirit, tracking it over London to a room inhabited by Noel Fielding.  Revenge is absolute, resulting in the death of Fielding’s character…and a surprising ending.

The film was conceived and directed by Kate and produced by Michael Solinger. It was shot over 5 days in London. The amazing visual effects were worked on by Ben Perrot of Destroy All Monsters and Matthias Lindahl from Fido.

“Deeper Understanding” first released in 1989 is perhaps even more relevant today as technology and computers begin to dominate our lives and leave us with little time to dream as technology and computers play an increasingly dominant role in our lives.

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  1. Richard

    It’s awful. Don’t we have enough remakes already btw? 😉

  2. giulio

    a perfect video preview for a perfect Kate Bush song.
    This is so touching.
    Patience is a gift…. 🙂

  3. GER

    and so thrilling all this news,,
    I’m In LOVE ,,,,,
    thankXXXX KATE for teasing us so..
    greetzzzzzzzzzzzGER the ONLY fan in the NETHERLANDS 😉

    • Eric

      You the only fan in the Netherlands? Wat zullen we nou krijgen.

  4. cwg

    Seriously, how AMAZING is this??? More than I could have hoped for! Shades of Experiment IV’s darkness? Seems her beautiful story telling is indeed BACK!!!

  5. This is pure sadism, their promotional campaign….

    I love the snippet! I love videos with stories and clear messages! Reminds me of EIV and Cloudbusting. Good old times! And Kate as a director again? I’m in heaven!

  6. Bryan Nege

    Amazing ! Perfect ! Fantastic ! Kate Bush is the PURE essence of ART ! I love her to bits ! xx

  7. zounds

    Roll on Tuesday!

    I wonder if the video will be the full length or edited version…

  8. JetPilot

    I LOVE Kate!! Im so excited!! Cant wait to see the video. So happy she is still working. I hope she never quits!!!…we love you in the USA Kate!!!!

  9. David Robson

    Nah! Does nothing for me. Don’t really do repeats. I love KB though.

  10. Edwin (in2kate)

    I Love going back in time! ; this clip takes me back to the Bruxelles Fantasy Film Festival in 1994: Sitting first row with Robbie Coltrane as Little tumb, waiting if Kate would step by. And there she was[ the first time I saw Kate LIVE] introducing her “The Line, the cross..” Love from at least another Dutch fan 😉

  11. Mark

    I love Kate Bush and Kieran McD! Mark in Preston Park xxx

  12. Lim Wee Ping

    Look at that robotic Lips. It can be the single cover as well!!! Amazing. The sound wave is back! Like the cover of ARIEL. It’s really creative to have the sound wave synch with bertie’s voice. BRILLIANT work!!! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!!!

  13. Thomas

    Really wonderful! There’s a tale to tell in the tune, the film is executed perfectly, delicious colours, lovely effects and the song now has another “life” and I look forward to more from Kate.

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