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Kate Bush Day?

Martin Howard in The Guardian calls for a new English national festival day:

So long then St George. Don’t be downhearted, you’ve still got Beirut and all the rest. But where to look for a replacement? A national symbol who could embody the spirit of England and inspire a party to rival St Paddy’s Day. A secular figurehead would be my personal preference, with Kate Bush Day being the new holiday of choice…”


Kate’s new film for Deeper Understanding out April 26th! Preview clip posted!


Director’s Cut – Seán’s first impressions…


  1. Oh, you lucky Brits! She is your National Treasure! 😉


  2. Karen Newcombe

    Someone needs to inform this poor lost soul about our favorite holiday: Katemas! He too can join the ranks of the true believers in Our Lady of the Artfully Reworked Song. SRI. 😉

  3. giulio

    Kate Bush is a gem in art.
    What a lovely Easter Day this will be ….

  4. Nemo's Sister

    I Love the way Kate’s music makes me feel and think, I want other people to be awakened to the beauty of her art and the way that it can effect them. She is a modern bard (and let’s face it, there are so few of them) so, the more people that listen to her the more people are tuned into the cosmic zeitgeist. Astrologers get what’s goin’ on out in space, and so does rocket man Kate….

  5. Nemo's Sister

    oh, sorry, meant to say,

    a day that is dedicated to venerating (and yes I do mean ‘venerating’ – as in raising her to the attention and notice of the goddess of love ‘venus’) of Kate Bush

    is one that I would celebrate whole-heartedly….. (and invite friends ’round and cook for them an’ stuff)

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