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BBC Radio 4 interview, on Front Row, coming May 4th!

UPDATE: Exciting time to be a Kate Bush fan! John Wilson has just confirmed on Twitter that the interview he conducted with Kate at her house this afternoon will go out on Front Row, next Wednesday, May 4th at 7.15pm BBC Radio 4. John Wilson had originally posted on Twitter: “Kate Bush speaks! Have just done long interview at her place for @BBCFrontRow. More details to follow…” Thanks to Louise for passing this on.

ALSO: BBC 6Music is planning a Kate Bush Playlist this coming Friday 29th April, 7-9pm. More at the 6Music site here.


BBC Radio 2 interview with Kate coming May 9th!


New interview and new photo in Saturday’s edition of The Times!


  1. Izzy

    Louise, our secret KT agent. She knows everything! And has a nice collection there… ekhm…

    Thanks, I’ll be ON tomorrow! Keep my eyes and ears open!


  2. Harry Horton

    I wish Kate Bush would relate to the public who the man with the child in his eyes is. Or what the song is about. And the conditions psychologically and age that she was when she wrote it. I understand that the idea came to her around 12 years olfd and she spent some considerable time afterwards creating it, that is around 13 to 14 yrs old she was while still working on it, and she continued developing it afterwards of that. Evidently it was one of the first songs that comprised her earliest releases, along with Wuthering Heights, if I am correct on that. The video version is well done and has a dream like ethereal reality in the backdrop of the visuals, as if she is suspended in the spiritual worlds while she is singing the piece . She also is alseep when when she meets the man with the child in his eyes , that is at the opening of the work, This also as related in the video.

  3. The 6Music show was quite good. Enjoyed hearing Under the Ivy on the wireless. 🙂

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