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New interview and new photo in Saturday’s edition of The Times!

“I feel I’ve achieved what I set out to do.” From the UK newspaper The Times, Saturday 30th April, comes a new (short) interview with Kate and a very interesting new photograph. (with thanks to Rblazon and Speaking in Sympathy on the forum). The interview also includes contributions from Lindsay Kemp, Roy Harper and the wonderful singer John Grant – I urge you to check out John’s music here. Read this interview in today’s print edition of The Times or at The Times subscription-only website here.

Kate Bush 2011










Mathew Bell in the The Independent on Sunday Diary comments:

Kate Bush has given a rare interview to mark the release of her new album, Director’s Cut. But she managed to give so little away in yesterday’s Times that the piece ended up revealing more about the interviewer than the interviewee. Will Hodgkinson, brother of our columnist Tom, landed the scoop, but could only squeeze out a couple of lines about the album before she wound things up. Still, it made a good read, not least as we learnt how, aged 7, Will became spellbound by the kooky warbler


BBC Radio 4 interview, on Front Row, coming May 4th!


Kate Bush: Old songs reach new heights


  1. Vindrag (Sweden)

    she looks frightening and sad.
    love it.

  2. Izzy

    The theories on the new John Carder Bush Kate picture are amusing.
    She looks incredible, I’ve never imagined Kate looking like that, like a modern soldier or similar. The 50c pose, the suit…? Why, what, who, when? ‘You better be serious about my work.’ (a little hint to that lovely old incident known as ‘bushwhack’)…

    I’m all yours, Kate and J.!

  3. The black round her forehead and chin in the picture remind me of what Boy George has done of late!

  4. mats (another swede)

    Amazing, a little Joan Collins but more sublime.And soon 53!!!!!!

  5. Alan

    Aside from the picture, the article in The Times isn’t a patch on the massive feature in Mojo. It wastes precious time that could be spent asking the hundreds of questions that the interviewer professes to have wanted to ask on jumping through the same old hoops. There’s a couple of quotes, from Lindsay Kemp and David Gilmour, that don’t really reveal anything that big fans don’t already know.

    Seriously, if you want to read an altogether more impressive piece about Director’s Cut, put the money toward Mojo.

  6. Karin (Belgium)

    When I saw the thumbnail of the picture, I thought, Ah, the Flower of the Mountain outfit, but now I see it’s black paint/make-up. What does she have in store for us? I’m just as excited as when I was a little girl centuries ago awaiting Saint Nick.

  7. giulio

    What an intelligent photograph.
    It tells us a lot, without revealing anything.
    Kate Bush …. mmh yes 🙂

  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!! My initial reaction was “Is that a mask??” Then I noticed the black/brown paint all around Kate and her signature fingerless gloves. I’m so amazed that at 52, Kate continues to reinvent herself, musically and otherwise. I think that this new photo is in line with her recent “Deeper Understanding” film.

  9. Another iconic image of Kate from the brilliant eye of John Carder Bush. This might be my favorite photo so far from the DC campaign.

  10. Natan

    I know this has some photoshop work, but OMG she looks amazing really beautiful.

  11. I like this photo a lot. From the moment I saw it, I thought it was a bit reminiscent of one of the robots featured in the film A.I.

  12. Stephanie

    What kind of language is this, Kate?
    What kind of language is this?

    Tell me what you are singing.

  13. Alan

    Wow, has anyone told this goddess that the rest of the world i.e. US! is aging! Kooky Kate, love it! Looking at this picture takes me back to the 80s except time (wrinkles etc) hasn’t knocked on Kate’s door lately it seems!

  14. Keith

    Beautiful even if black paint is a great concealer.

  15. That’s very clever, it’s not like Boy George’s trick to make his face look thinner. If you look a second time it looks like Kate’s face has been pasted on – I think the andriod reference above is spot on. Nice job.

  16. Lisa

    Kate is very clearly channeling Leigh Bowery ( the subject of Taboo), Fine if you’re Boy George totally wrong for Kate !!!

  17. Well, I’m smitten all over again

    How many of Patrick’s Lichfield’s “the most beautiful women” of 1981 still merit that title 30 years later…?

  18. Tina

    I’ve just had my Director’s cut (thank god Play always post early!), this pic is similar to a few inside the package (the collector’s edition).
    Need I say its fab?
    It is : ) (Mojo said in their review that the album isn’t that different. Mmm well… I think the songs are, but then I’ve obviously obsessively listened to them for a lot longer than the reviewer!).

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