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It is not a Lady Gaga video

Interesting review of the Deeper Understanding video and track in the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

It is not a Lady Gaga video, nor is it a contender for an Academy Award (sorry Inception fans). Let’s accept this fact and move on, because it is neither of those things. It is what makes it a Kate Bush music video! Although Kate Bush herself may not make an actual appearance in the video (with the exception of maybe her lips), she did direct it and it does feature stars Robbie ColtraneFrances Barber, and Noel Fielding. Her son Albert is responsible for the voice of the computer program. This reviewer will not be naive enough to think he could ever truly decipher the genius of Kate Bush. That’s for Bush alone to understand, but shall still give my review …


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  1. giulio

    ”decipher”… I think this term in quite appropriate.
    I dislike mentioning other singers when it comes to making comparisons or point out differences with Kate Bush.
    I wish everybody could feel and hear how fabulous this artist is, but I have come to admit Kate Bush (and her music) is not everybody’s cut of tea…
    Once again…….. Thankyou Kate

  2. Izzy

    Agree with Giulio.

    Today everything connected with music is compared to Gaga (who monopolised the pop scene according to the media who feed on her actions, I guess) and unconventional artists may feel neglected in the mainstream because of everyone’s plastic expectations and the need of controversy (which DU certainly lacks). ‘Who’s the queen of pop ‘and ‘who is back?’ and who cares… Some ‘reviews’ of DU make me wonder how many people overdosed plastic-fantastic style of today’s video-making business. Most of the videos presented on music channels nowadays are the same, colourful but empty (but not all, of course :)). I missed those similar to DU, with a story and a message. I didn’t expect Kate Bush in a bikini or anything… It’s just another video that feeds the mind more than the eyes (opposite of TSW, my favourite ever).

    Sorry but in my opinion Lady G. is just another predictable artist. She’s worn off a long time ago, no matter how great her music and personality is, she can’t do anything unconventional now when everyone expects the same-controversy.

    ‘Feeling and faith speak stronger to me than a wiseman’s glass and eye…’ 😉

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