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Kate Bush: Old songs reach new heights

Andy Gill’s article which first appeared in The Independent has now been syndicated in the New Zealand Herald:

In a few weeks’ time, Kate Bush issues the first album on her own label, Fish People. EntitledDirector’s Cut, it comprises material which previously appeared on her albums The Sensual World and The Red Shoes – but rather than the usual stop-gap hits compilation, the songs have been reworked, and in some cases completely re-recorded. The result has the consistency of mood and tone of a brand-new, self-contained album, bringing into clearer focus the thematic concerns – of love, passion and art – linking the work of this most inventive of British pop musicians ….


New interview and new photo in Saturday’s edition of The Times!


It is not a Lady Gaga video

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  1. giulio

    ‘Director’s Cut’ as a wholly new body of music…. 🙂
    Go Kate!!!! 🙂

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