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Kate Bush admits frustration over time between albums

BBC News report of tonights interview:

Update: Listen to interview excerpt here

Kate Bush has admitted that the length of time it takes her to release an album can be “extremely stressful”. Speaking to the BBC, the singer – whose last album, Aerial, came out in 2005 – said she had written new songs but did not know when they would be released. “It’s very frustrating the albums take as long as they do,” the 52-year-old told Radio 4’s Front Row. “I wish there weren’t such big gaps between them.”


Preview of this evening’s BBC Radio 4 interview!


Listen Again to Kate’s BBC Radio 4 interview!


  1. rowan fisher

    does anyone know when this interview was donee? I think i may of saw her on the bus this morning not sure why she would take the bus…but i really really hope it was…

    • It might have been Frances Barber (Robbie Coltrane’s wife in the DU promo/B****face from ‘Friday Night Dinner’), fed up that her Mercedes got mashed!

  2. fleasus

    It’s great to hear Kate being interviewed again, but the kneejerk “Kate admits frustration..” (BBC) or “Kate hints at live return..” (NME) headlines are all the reminders we need as to why we only hear from her when there’s an album out! 🙂

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