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Listen Again to Kate’s BBC Radio 4 interview!

Fantastic, heartwarming experience listening to Kate chatting to John Wilson on BBC Radio 4 this evening! It featured a very happy sounding (and very busy!) Kate, at her home, in the midst of recording sessions for her tenth studio album, plus some truly stirring tasters from Director’s Cut. If you missed it, or want to hear it again then here you go. Makes us very excited for not one, but two upcoming Kate Bush records! (with thanks to Hammer Horror on on our forum for the MP3)

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Kate Bush admits frustration over time between albums


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  1. David England

    Ah, that was just lovely. Kate’s sounding so good and mmm yes, so happy.
    The snippets of Director’s Cut have got me itching for that package to arrive on the doormat!
    How can I contain myself?
    Love on ya XXX

  2. giulio

    Firstly, a huge thankyou for letting us hear this interview so quickly…. 🙂

    Secondly: …. I really am at a loss for words. The kindness of Kate Bush.
    The wonderful pieces of music I could hear during the interview … of stunning
    beauty. 🙂
    I feel we are about to receive a great present from Kate……. ‘Director’s Cut’ 🙂
    THANKYOU Kate!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Tony

    Mmmm yeah! What a wonderful gift… to hear Kate talk again about her music. Thank you Kate. “I thought it was alright” says Kate about Running Up That Hill. Understatement of the decade!!!

    • I totally agree! I can’t believe how modest she was in that interview, but she did sound so happy. It was so interesting to hear her talk about the process of recording and letting songs breathe and live. Can’t wait for the 16th May! Thanks for posting the interview here.

  4. GER

    I don’t often hear my stuff on the radio..haha,,,,
    Well KATE here at my home you are every day,,,come and listen if you want,,my door is open.
    KATE sounds so happy indeed, you can hear she loves live,
    and what a lovely snippets I hear,,THIS WOMANS WORK,,, NEVER BE MINE….oh my GOD I’m melting inhere ,,,,
    I’m gratefull to BE a KATE BUSH fan,,,,
    with LOVE ,,,,,,,,GER

  5. martine peiffer

    Wow,Never be mine sounds like’coming home now’ to me,and i love her deeper voice as well.It’s absolutely a newest album,yes.This art…music makes me feel so….Ithank her already in advance.And Bertie’s voice,smiling so beatyfully i imagine,I’m so excited that finally there is new material in my hands and beeing ‘concu’ again.(consevoir)xxx

  6. mats (another swede)

    She has humour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Julie Nicholson

    It’s so refreshing to hear Kate talk about her work in such a matter-of-fact way. I have been listening to her work for years and admiring the brave uses of sound and vocals. It’s hard to believe that Kate doesn’t listen or look at her previous work regularly. If it were my creation I would be incredibly proud of my achievements and savour the products of my labour. I can see why Kate wants privacy for her family, don’t we all? Yet I can’t get past wanting to be invited into her world, and wanting to know more about the woman who is cathartic in her work.

  8. Alan

    Well, she sounds just so lovely and chilled out/content! Nice laid back interview and I can tell you here in Dublin that Friday 13th can’t get here quick enough for DC to hit the stores and this will be one Friday 13th I’ll be looking forward to!! It sounds incredible! Thank you Kate, bless you x

  9. Jaakko

    A true artist. Never look back… Well obviously she just did with DC but only to be able to move forward. Love her sense of humor. And WHO is that guest vocalist.. Hey Kate, if you’re reading why not give your fan Patti Smith a call, that’d be a duet 🙂

  10. She sounds extremely amused by John trying to tease more info out of her about the new work. Glad to know she still likes RUTH and isn’t an “old fart.” Great little interview!

  11. Jose

    Sorta disappointed that it seems she’s not really into animal welfare anymore since she uses ground up animal bones in her garden. Prolly not a vegetarian either.

    • MirrorGirl

      Part of “animal welfare” is understanding whole planet welfare, and plants need bone meal to live, just as cats need animal meat to live–unlike dogs, who can do well on grains. Unless she’s gathering road kill and digging it into her garden, Kate needs to use bone meal. Not sure why that should disappoint you.

      Great to hear her talk about her work. As a fellow artist (filmmaker), I can say that every artist worth her/his salt doesn’t sit around thinking how great what we made was. The point is the process, not the product. We all look back and think “What was I doing??” And then get better, if we’re lucky. I love how she said that after all these years, she’s “just getting the hang of” recording music. The adventure is in the doing, the stretching beyond what is obvious and taking a chance. This album is, perhaps, the biggest chance of all–people are already all over YouTube “hating” the new “Deeper Understanding” because it doesn’t sound exactly like the original recording (which was the point, after all). I’m intrigued by this album and look forward to hearing it in full.

  12. giulio

    O gosh…I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight….
    These short clips I can hear here will keep me awake…
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    BEAUTIFUL …. 🙂

  13. How happy does she sound! It’s lovely to hear her sounding so relaxed…certainly lends credence to the “DC-breaks-a – creative-block” theory.

  14. Joab

    John Wilson just twitted this:

    “Kate Bush fans, very glad you liked interview tonight. But that was part of a 50 min chat. Wanna hear more? Maybe I can post it somewhere”.

  15. Derek

    Aw man, that was great, the count down to the postman arriving is getting more and more intense by the day.

  16. Brandon

    Fantastic!!! Love hearing her voice, it is just great. Such an exciting and funny interview, made me so happy. Please, please, please, let John Wilson post the whole 50 min interview someplace! 🙂

  17. Karen Newcombe

    I guess all those media folks who just spent the past ten days trying to convince everyone Kate was about to go on tour in ten minutes are feeling a bit silly right about now… What a lovely interview, the little snippets of the songs sound great, and it’s so nice we have something to look forward to in another five or twelve years! 😉

  18. Dan

    Yay, thank you so so much!! Aww her voice!

  19. That was a really nice interview. Thanks for posting it : )

  20. Jari

    Oh fantastic interview! Made me so happy and she sounds so happy as well. ANd oh that humour…. “Are we there yet, are we there yet…”

    “When do you expect it to be heard?” – “uh, let’s see…”

    Thank you Kate for this wonderful interview, you made the sun come out here in rainy sweden

  21. Aw what a lovely interview, she sounds so upbeat and eager still, I can’t wait for Director’s Cut to arrive at my door on the 16th 😀 Any later and Amazon are gonna be getting some irritated emails from me 😉

  22. Hans

    Hearing Kate’s voice always makes me smile.
    (Says more than enough I think).
    Thank you, Kate.

  23. John Wilson, not a man dazzled by stars, tweeted afterwards:
    “She was v guarded, fascinating and lovely. And a genius, obviously”
    but on the other hand, asked (by none other than David Morrissey of ‘Blackpool’, ‘South Riding’, ‘Our Mutual Friend’ fame) if he had kissed her, Wilson tweeted:
    “Twice. Could have been more but insisted on keeping journalistic distance” Silly man…

  24. cwg

    Ohhhh, like so many have mentioned here this is simply a lovely, lovely moment with Kate. Hearing that beautiful speaking voice of hers is such a joy and it quite literally brings a smile to my face. Ohhhhhh, and the snippets of her new songs… once again lush, beautiful and completely enticing!

    Thanks for this- it was a real moment of pleasure…

  25. ruckenfigur

    Kate epitomizes all things pleasant for me

  26. John

    Good interview – although he went on about Kate’s live work or lack of it a bit too much I could almost visualise her sat there smiling through gritted teeth saying ‘get on with it!’. It makes for a nice change to hear Kate’s later albums being discussed and the clips were just awesome – I get a real ‘Tori Amos’ vibe about this album!

    I can’t wait to hear it in full. Both Never Be Mine and And So Is Love sound divine.

  27. ric

    Thank u John and of course thank u Kate…it truly was a moment of pleasure …hearing everyone going on about the 16th is making me mad, i have to wait til’ the 26th (US release)

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