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BBC Radio Bristol chat to Dave and Seán about Kate!

Well, the excitement generated by yesterday’s truly special John Wilson interview with Kate (longer version here) has continued today with BBC Radio Bristol devoting a sizeable portion of their Afternoon Show with Anna King to Kate. As well as replaying parts of the Front Row interview, Anna chatted live to Dave Cross (of HomeGround Magazine) and to myself! If you want to hear what we had to say, the programme is now archived by the BBC here. (our bits are between 25mins 30secs and 35mins 30secs into the stream).


Longer version of Kate’s BBC4 interview online!


New interview (and new photo!) of Kate in The Irish Times!


  1. mats (another swede)

    Great to hear you talk.When Kate was in Stockholm 1979 she had to shorten the show due to a slight cold but it was great anyway!!!!

  2. Dave and Sean – you proved that fans can be thoughtful, reflective, intelligent and respectful – you actually make me proud to be a called a fan (a word which I usually shun like a curse!)

    Kate and her musicians should be proud to have fans like you two…

  3. Millais

    The coloured soundwaves of your voices coming out of my loudspeakers were just great! Dear Seán and Dave, thank you so much for your efforts in promoting Kate’s Art. Your dediKation is just impressive. I hope Dave is better, now. I am sending you both my best wishes. I am sure the new album will bring moments of pleasure to you both, and to all of us…

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