The latest news about the musician Kate Bush and her work

Longer version of Kate’s BBC4 interview online!

Listen to the FULL interview with Kate here. Thank you John Wilson!

John Wilson earlier tweeted: “Kate Bush folk – a longer version of last night’s @BBCFrontRowinterview coming online. Will let you know where to head v soon. Stay tuned!” Follow John on Twitter here.


HomeGround’s Dave Cross writes a piece on Kate for Boyz Magazine!


BBC Radio Bristol chat to Dave and Seán about Kate!


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    It was posted here:

    And it’s 28 minutes long, not an hour, unfortunately…

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    Thank you so much for posting this!!!!
    it’s amazing…. When I listen to her songs i think that every sound and note is perfect and she goes “what was I thinking”…

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    Great interview… full of respect. 🙂
    Thankyou 🙂

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    My wife commented -“She’s got no ego at all – the sign of the truly great, mature artist”

    God, but she’s got one lovely voice.

    So many of us old faithful would do anything to hear her sing, in person. We were too young to hear her last time, but we’ve kept the faith, and we will never lose it.

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