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Graeme Thomson reviews Director’s Cut in Word Magazine

“Radical reinvention and unfettered weirdness.” Graeme Thomson has written an enthusiastic review of Director’s Cut for Word Magazine. He has provided a scan of the article at his blog here. Graeme wrote the well-received 2010 biography of Kate, ‘Under The Ivy‘. He calls the album a “vibrant act of restoration.” Very nice read. UPDATE: 12th May Graeme Thomson also writes a new article on Kate in the Telegraph here.


Director’s Cut promotional activity update, PLUS vinyl release delayed by one week


Australian review of Director’s Cut – “slinky and elegantly dreamy”


  1. I demand that Graeme Thomson be frog marched to Berkshire in order to do the definitive Kate Bush interview – it would be such a good experience for both of them (and for all of us)

  2. Brandon

    Now I know not to read “Under the Ivy”…..

  3. another swede

    Seems to be a fair and just review i think, but strangely a swedish review just stated And so is love as the best song-we all have different tastes dont we

  4. RobB (Kestrel)

    Another excellent article from Graeme that follows neatly on from his Kate biography.

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