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The Guardian reviews Director’s Cut

Alex PetridisIf you can tear yourself away from that NPR album stream, Alex Petridis gives a four star review to Director’s Cut in today’s Guardian. You can read it here. (Alex previously reviewed the Aerial album for the Guardian in 2005).


NPR website offers Director’s Cut first listen!


The Sensual Walk – 18th June 2011 – Howth / Dublin City


  1. iieee

    doesn’t know what he’s talking about…

  2. NoKTurn9

    I pretty much agree with everything he said there. Glad to be in good company.

  3. Karen Newcombe

    On an unrelated subject, since my email is down I will mention it here, I see the History Channel U.S. is promoting their new movie by Ridley Scott, Gettysburg, with the Placebo cover of RUTH.

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