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Director’s Cut reviews: Times, RTE…

A tonne of reviews are in, and more to come today, no doubt. As fans in Ireland, Australia, Japan and many other European countries already have the album we’re starting to see the reviews coming in thick and fast. Alan Corr gives an online review for RTE: “Bush’s gone ahead and reworked other songs, bringing a singing voice of a lower key, something that comes with age, and the benefits of updated and improved production techniques to the party.” Will Hodgkinsin in The Times gives the album 3/5, raving about Flower of The Mountain, The Red Shoes and Lily, but concluding that the album is “interesting, but not easy to lose yourself in


Four Star review in the Daily Mail


Music Week: A Pretty Strange Album Concept


  1. Eireann

    The physical cd has also hit the Norwegian shops today. It is wonderful! and they played it loud for all to enjoy. Amazing!!
    Too bad I could not find the deluxe-edition which was what I wanted.

  2. Gabor Pongor

    HMV delivered my DC in Oxford at 11:00 on 13 May!

  3. giulio

    “not easy to lose yourself in” ….
    Yes, not everybody’s cup of tea.
    It’s MY cup of tea, though 🙂
    W Kate Bush

  4. Mr Gursel Ali

    I’m going Bonkers in Australia as usual at this time of life ( the time when Kate has a new release) I just get bewildered and disappointed as the Aussie press’ care factor on KB is low close to zero. No air play and little press. The last thing they really played here on the chart stations was Babooshka! Really! Thank God for the internet! I remember when I was in London for the release of The Sensual World and Kate’s face was on every bus and tube station. SIGH… any way I’m writing a review as we speak for one of our gay papers, Hopefully it’ll get printed. And Amazon has totally let us down on delivery dates, it’s all so frustrating as most people I talk to love her and feel the same way.
    Ah well I love the new album ….

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