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Kate’s official Fish People site goes live!

While we were all busy watching the Eurovision this evening, Kate re-launched her official site! See it here.

Kate 2011

Toll & Rook


The Irish Times gives four stars to Director’s Cut


UK tabloids giving Director’s Cut some love! “…a dreamy, bewitching treat”


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    Can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something a bit fishy about this revamp to her website…

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    Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely Birdie!

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    Bernard Price

    Kate can you tell me how you came up with the name, and what is the meaning Fish peaple

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    I’ve just come! Twice today! AW!

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    Seems broken 23:09 14/05/11

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    Great site but the videos for And So Is Love and Rubberband Girl don’t play in the US. I get messages saying SME or KateBushMusic have blocked it for copyright issues. I tried both and Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

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    I absolutely love all the Director’s Cut Fish/Bird photos on the website. They look like stills from some whacked out fantasy film. Great stuff!

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    All I get is the site as it was a couple of weeks ago, with DU video and a couple of clips. And no e-mail has been received from the website advising that it’s been updated, despite signing up ages and ages ago. What’s happening?

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    Some wonderful pictures in the galleries, especially the Kate with Cat pic from Mojo! Nice to have it without the fold in the magazine!

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    OH,,,this is wonderfull,,
    I like it! That opening sequence is really nice, but it would have been even better if Kate did the introduction herself!
    I hope that KATE will be posting lots of news for us,,,some words of thanks,,please KATE
    greeetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz GER

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    Lovely site, great pics! Well done!
    any info who is that guy who pops up as the site starts (the intro). ANd who is that guy kissing Kate (she looks so beautiful in her armour) 🙂

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    And… who is the man in the intro clips…?

    • Seán

      I believe it’s David Crofts, he has worked with magician Simon Drake and also features in the new album’s artwork.

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    Still can’t see anything but the old site. Anyone else getting this? I’m truly perplexed!

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    emil mcmahon

    same here, I registered on the first day it was mentioned on here, and I have tried t9o re-register just in case that was the fault…. but no luck. It is really frustrating but no doubt it will be worth the wait.

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    another swede

    Well, so far i am not that impressed and where is Kate?

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    Argh… after waiting 6 years for another Kate Bush album, and thoroughly excited by ‘Director’s Cut’ despite its lack of ‘new’ material… I have been told today by the local records shops that its been delayed due to EMI distribution issues in Australia and New Zealand, for another 7 days!!! Its going to be a painful week after such a long wait! (I will just have to download it and buy the physical version once available!)

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    Amazing! Strange I find out about the album the day it is released.

    Fish People —great name for a record label.

    The videos on youtube are pretty bizarre….bizarre is a good thing.

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    Is it delayed everywhere?

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    Love the part of ‘Deeper Understanding’ chosen as the intro to the site, really suits the eclecticism of the accompanying video clips. The end where Kate says ‘hello’ is a great idea. LOVE it!

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    andy murray

    bought the new album today -love it and love what kate did with the little booklet etc cannot wait for the homeground book to come out!!!

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    Plea$e Kate ble$$ u$ with 1 more final tour…

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    Hi who are the fish people? There is no information about the concept on Kate Buch website just some shop where you can buy clothes. I would like to know more about it, why and what is the purpose about and where did the idea derived from? Where is it going?

    🙂 Joanna

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    chris .

    So so so wish me and my Mermaid could have got tickets to one of kates shows. Been with Kate’s enchanting music from Kite . A 16yr old at the Time.To all who attend the shows . Have a wonderful time .

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