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UK tabloids giving Director’s Cut some love! “…a dreamy, bewitching treat”

The News of the World give a four star review to the new album. “The first new album in six years by Florence And The Machine’s spiritual mum. Sort of – it’s new versions of her old songs. Which is a swizz, but there’s a playful adventurousness here that’s more imaginative than most brand-new music.” The Sun gives Director’s Cut 4 out of 5 and describes the album as “beautiful” in the review below. (with thanks to rblazon on the forum)


Kate’s official Fish People site goes live!


The Observer: the privilege of working in geological time


  1. The Mirror gave it a fair review too, but didn’t seem to have any recent pictures to hand. The Sunday Express said the use of Autotune on DU was dated.

  2. God lord, who’d have thought the Sun and the News of the Screws would have come over all gooey over Kate, given their rancid, toxic attitude to almost anything of any worth. Dear Kate, she can turn ‘roses into gold’…

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