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The Observer: the privilege of working in geological time

Interesting review in Sunday’s Observer, by Kitty Empire:

Kate Bush has earned the privilege of working in geological time. She was once a pop star who turned out landmark releases relatively quickly, but now, aeons pass between releases … Only a nerd of the deepest hue would bother to painstakingly transpose her 1993 album, The Red Shoes, from its digitally produced final cut into analogue tracks, held by many audiophiles to be “warmer”-sounding. This is precisely what Bush has done on Director’s Cut. The album takes great swathes of The Red Shoes and choice cuts from its predecessor, 1989’s The Sensual World, and reworks them, sometimes with subtlety, and sometimes with daring …


UK tabloids giving Director’s Cut some love! “…a dreamy, bewitching treat”


Three reviews in Times and Sunday Times

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  1. Sky

    Interesting review, albeit with the irritating epithets most reviewers just can’t help themselves making in relation to Kate, but some fair points made. I still have doubts about why this set of reworkings has been released as a stand-alone album when it might have been better used as a delightful bonus disc for whatever new music she has in the pipeline. One can only assume she’s done DC to remind people other than core fans who she is and what she does, prior to the next new CD being released. Arial was a mighty triumph of a record, but maybe not enough people noticed. Perhaps Kate knows she has something so special on offer next time around she is making sure everyone is on red alert for it.

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