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Don’t forget: BBC Radio 2 interview with Mark Radcliffe tonight

UPDATE: Listen again to this interview on the BBC iPlayer here.

Mark RadcliffeKate is interviewed tonight, 11pm UK time, on BBC Radio 2 by Mark Radcliffe for his Music Club show.  Hear it live online here. “Mark Radcliffe devotes this week’s show to a particular musical favourite of his, Kate Bush. Mark finds out why Kate decided to re-visit material from two of her albums, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes – including signature song This Woman’s Work – and asks whether she approached the project with any great trepidation. The interview covers her albums and influences over the years, including changes in her personal life, and the developments in recording technology that helped shape her sound. And finally there’s talk of future plans, including the billion dollar question for any fan of Kate Bush: having been back in the studio, is she now inspired to start work on new material?”


Scotsman: Four Stars


Kate set to storm the UK album charts!


  1. Lisa

    Really looking forward to this one as he’s such a champion of her music and a darned good presenter too (just my opinny yon, of course).

  2. another swede

    I got a little disappointed by Kate in this interview- i mean, please open up some and give us some better than this kind of lofty attitude elusive answers.

    That bit about not caring if her fans like her work was realy putting me off, but maybe she had a bad day or was tired.Or maybe it was the reporter, he came on quite tense as well.S built up a fortune based on her fans and being just a little less closed upp could realy benefit a bit.I am sorry for saying this and still respect Kate and her work but this was not good at all

  3. julian

    I didn’t like mark Radcliffe’s style of interview or questions here. And I do not think Kate and the PR guys were very comfortable or happy with it.

  4. MirrorGirl

    It felt to me as though Radcliffe was nervous and anxious, maybe even intimidated. He asked her a number of really silly questions, and often answered them himself rather than letting her speak. I was impressed she didn’t lose her temper with him, frankly. He was driving me crazy.

    I’m not sure Kate really said (or meant) that she “doesn’t care” whether fans like her work–she said she hopes they do–it’s more about not aiming the work at the public. She does what she does because she’s driven to do it, not because she’s trying to please, or make money, or have a hit, or become famous. No self-respecting artist in any medium cares about any of those things, but only about the work itself and fulfilling whatever her or his vision is. This is one of those things that makes her an anti-star, if you know what I mean. If she worked in another medium no one would wonder why she’s not in the public eye, nor would they think she “owed” anyone anything. The second an artist thinks: “I need to do what the public will like and buy,” art has left the equation and all that remains is commerce. I love that she’s never cared at all what any of us think–it’s what has made the work so fresh and interesting. No “pop star” who cared about that would have ever dared to make “The Dreaming”!

  5. Peter

    Just love this interview..
    Good work Radcliffe!!!
    Any news from Kate is good.

  6. Peter


    Kate keep up the good music/work.
    I just heard tht Director`s cut
    And love it!!!
    Love from Holland .

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