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Scotsman: Four Stars

Great review by Fiona Shepherd in today’s Scotsman:

Ever the perfectionist, Kate Bush has revisited earlier songs, the first-time recordings of which didn’t reflect her original vision. The resulting revamps are satisfying, rounded – and occasionally bizarre …Kate Bush has always done exactly what she wanted. It’s part of what makes her the singular artist she is, one whose increasingly rare musical outings have become so revered that there are many, many fans who would prefer to hear anything rather than nothing from her. So if Kate wants to revisit a selection of songs from two of her previous albums, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, then so be it …


Watch BBC Breakfast chat about Kate this morning


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  1. MirrorGirl

    I think this review is the most insightful one of all those I’ve read. Thank you for linking to it, Sean.

    • MirrorGirl

      Sorry, Peter! I didn’t notice it was you who posted the link. Thank YOU!

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