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Happy 29th birthday to HomeGround Magazine!

“Hello there…this is ‘Homeground’, the first serious attempt at a Kate Bush fanzine…” Almost 30 years ago, Dave Cross wrote these words in the very first issue of HomeGround. It was on the 18th May 1982 that Dave first said to Peter; “why don’t we do a Kate Bush fanzine?” and the rest is history. Almost 80 lovingly crafted issues later, the HomeGround team are now here online, working with me to bring you this news coverage of yet another new Kate Bush album (when they launched they were gearing up for the release of The Dreaming) and also looking forward to the publication of the extraordinary upcoming HomeGround Anthology book. Warm birthday wishes to Dave, Peter and Krys. Thanks for providing us with such an essential, respectful, authoritative and fun magazine all these years, and thanks for being brilliant friends. The countdown begins for the 30 year celebrations in 2012!  ~ Seán

Filming the Experiment IV video in 1986 – Peter, Kate, Krys and Dave


Dutch newspaper interview with Kate


New “Never For Ever” Kate trib band gigs


  1. I discovered HomeGround in the states in the late 80s and it became my lifeline to Kate and her. Little did I know that 20 years later, I would be in the magazine and Peter and Krys would be two of my dearest friends. I love them both to bits for there kindness, generosity and support. To both of them and Dave, of course, happy anniversary and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a constant in my life. xx

  2. Aw shucks … thanks chaps. The book is now on its final run-through (we have had certain pages and sections to remake in the early sections) and I’m currently about one third of the way through. I’m expecting to finish that within a couple of weeks. We then have a final section to do which will use material from HG79 and bring the story right up to date. We’re still hoping a publication date in Autumn this year.

  3. Del Palmer

    Congrats to the whole HG team… What a journey it’s been for all of us… You’ve been so supportive of us and our work over the years and you all deserve a huge hug.. So take a virtual one from all of us here in KB-land!!…

    Best wishes… Del Palmer

    • GER

      and here ‘s one from me 🙂

    • Mr Gursel Ali

      Hello Mr Del Palmer, Just to say a personal thanks to you and Kate, Seems that our lives have been punctuated by her albums and we all come out of the wood work.
      Cheers from Melbourne Australia and to all the HG crew

  4. Thank you Del, for the hug & for all the happy & special times we have had over the years. It’s been one hell of a journey!! You’ve been supportive of us too, with the mag & with other stuff, & you know how much it means to us. Big hugs to you too.

    With love xxx

  5. Millais

    Homeground has always been a beautifully crafted gift of love, for Kate’s Art and those of us who have always supported her music throughout these years. I am honoured to have been given the chance to contribute so far, and seeing my little things published side by side with John’s incredibly powerful poetry, is such a rewarding thing. I will never thank you enough for that. Happy anniversary to you all…

  6. len

    It’s one thing for fans to love an artist’s work. It’s a real act of love when they dedicate their time, resources and emotions to promoting the work, being the conduit to others far away, and all the while protecting the person that is the artist.

    Magickal art changes people. Everything we record, write, say or perform will be lost. The changes made in people live forever in their genes. That is the true art. In this sense, the Homeground crew are as much a part of this woman’s work as Kate is herself.

    Congratulations and thank you all.

  7. RobB

    Happy 29th anniversary to the homegrounders. Keep up the good work lads and lass.

  8. John Roger

    Well done! Many thanks for all the special things over the years!

  9. Thomas

    Felicitations HG !! Thanks for all the work and dedication, truely wonderful.

  10. GER

    all of you there,,,,CONGRATULATIONS to you all,,for this beautifull work you been giving me,, us,,, for so many happy years,,
    I have all of the magazines and follow your work now on the NET,,
    keep on doing this good work,,,I have deep respect for you all,,
    with love XX GER 🙂

  11. I meant to say “Kate and her music” in my previous post. It was quite late. 🙂 I’ll raise a glass of wine in HG’s honor this evening.

  12. Thank you everyone for your lovely words xxxx

  13. Happy Anniversary to Peter, Krys, and Dave 🙂

    I found my first HomeGround at a Tower Records during the promotional push for Hound of Love (#19???). In the States it had been difficult to come across any mention of Kate let alone serious articles, most of which were idle/idol speculation, rumor and hearsay. Her music had such a profound effect on me that I felt it imperative to only rely on accurate info-gathering to properly explain this remarkable phenomenon to my disbelieving (and delighted!) ears.

    Aside from the KBC, HG was the only source that was consistently trustworthy, dependable, and reflective of Kate’s warm spirit. It’s a true measure of devotion in support of an artist who is equally devoted to sharing her work with us.

    If there ever was an example of an “Ugly Duckling” story, HG would be it. The early issues that I found were basically stapled-together xeroxed paper. But what a beauty it grew into! The magazine oozed quality and care from cover to cover, and the contributions from Kate’s comrades to her legion of fans never failed to enlighten and clarify the veils of Mystery that surround Kate and her work. But never lifted them too far… and I enjoy that respect 🙂

    Thanks to all at HG for sharing *your* work with us 🙂

  14. Congratulations…Its a lot of work for you all to do this, but it is appreciated…Please keep it going

  15. Gabriella

    Yeah . happy birtday Homeground ,..alway the best pure blend of Kate Buah news..
    thank you so much and i always love that picture …..
    much love suport Gabi,…

  16. Izzy

    HomeGround became an important part of Kate Bush fandom history, a real gold-mine for fans… A reliable source of info prepared by the people on who the fans could always rely.

    Many ThanYous to all who contributed to this amazing magazine.


  17. Alan

    Happy Birthday HG! First subscribed when I first heard of it, in Spring 1989, just as The Sensual World was being announced. I got all the back issues availble at the time and haven’t missed an issue since. And my HG number – 753 – is etched on my brain! Looking forward to the final issue and the book.

  18. HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY, HOMEGROUND!!! I think back to the early days when I first subscribed to HG wanting to know when the next Kate album was going to be released. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing this wonderful resource for all things Kate. I look forward to the 30th birthday of HG in 2012!!

  19. David Cross

    Thanks to everyone for your wishes… it does mean a lot and YES… Hmmmm YES, we will be having an actual party next year for our 30th… details nearer the time. Dave

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