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New “Never For Ever” Kate trib band gigs

Please see our gig guide here for the latest dates announced for Kate trib band Never For Ever.


Penny of Never For Ever


If you want to know what their show is all about see this review of their stand at The Shed in February.


Happy 29th birthday to HomeGround Magazine!


Director’s Cut round – up


  1. mud

    does anyone know what instrument that is she is holding?

  2. Harry Horton

    As Kate Bush’s Directors Cut heads into the weekend with a waiting potential number 1 spot in the UK charts, I had another idea on promotional avenues for Kate Bush’s music. Here in Chatham County North Carolina, in out neighbouring county of Wake, a grocery store clerk named Scotty McCreery from the town of Garner of Wake County, placed first THursday night, in the Hollywood American Idol music contest in voting results for entering into next week’s final with another contestant Lauren Alaina. A record 95 million viewer’s casted votes were recorded.
    American Idol (orignially based on a similar show from Britain) has performances during its season where the contestants perform songs from a particular artist. A Kate Bush night with various songs for the American Idol contestants would not be a bad idea. With close to 100 million viewers of the show listening to a couple of hours of Kate Bush would be a coup, for only a single night, amongst numerous other nights during the season. Some of her supporters should think about working that avenue. In anycase the following article: “Its a country teen finale for ‘American Idol’. Chris Mchaud. One media outlet source article of May 20 2011 from last night’s performance.

  3. FrazzledGlispa

    Mud, I believe that the instrument is an Irish Bouzouki

    • mud

      Thanks. I was barking up the wrong tree. Irish Bouzouki…. should have known that! haha. Thank you.

  4. Harry Horton

    Wednesday night, May 25 2011, the kid from Garner North Carolina, Scotty McCreery won the American Idol contest in Los Angeles against a contestant from Rossville Georgia. An interesting musical event, because the RBC center in Raleigh, a major sports arena facility was packed with fans from across the state that watched the finale in L.A. on big screens. THe News and Observer in Raleigh and WRAL-TV channel 5 for yestrday and today have extensive coverage of the American Idol finale and Scotty McCreery’s victory. THese two media sources are on the internet. And thus relate an unusual pop music phenomena that has developed over the past ten years in America. A Kate Bush night during one of the weeks of a future American Idol season would be rather interesting, because a lot of the singers on the show are young and not familiar with her music and could learn of her music; Whereas as to date they most likely had never heard of her. In fact the runner up female contestant was not even born when one of the later 1993 Kate Bush album came out. Anyway, its an interesting music phenomena, that could be an avenue for further promoting Kate Bush’s music in the future perhaps. Someone pull some strings on this avenue in the seasons ahead for the show, over 122 milion viewers tuned in on last night’s results.

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