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Director’s Cut round – up

Premier album of the week on Radio Helsinki …. 5/5 with the Slovak journal Kultura Pravda who describe it as “one of the best albums of this year” … More critical review from Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet which thinks Rubberband Girl “has gone completely awry” … 5/5 from Polish mag Wirtulana Polska … 3/5 from Swedish site Sydsvenskandramatic, multi-layered pop songs” … Culturmag wants to know why Kate has destroyed some of her songs … enthusiasm from Mitteldeutsche ZeitungNojes Bladet thinks it strange other artists have not done a Directors Cut … Gazeta Wyborcza celebrates Kate doing her own thing …


New “Never For Ever” Kate trib band gigs


New Beck Sian and Syd Arthur gigs added


  1. another swede

    So far i have seen 10 reviews in swedish newspapers and they are mostly positive, good or very good.What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Izzy

    I agree with those in PL papers that saying DC is a work of her ‘maturity’ is a bit wrong, ‘maturity’ is not an appriopriate word for Miss Bush now because her work has always been considered a bit over-her-age and mature already.

    Nice read, Peter! Thanks!

    Especially knowing it might be our last! 😉

  3. Izzy

    btw I heard Kate being called ‘modern Shakespeare’ and ‘the greatest poet of our times’ on the yesterday’s top 20 Kate Bush Phoenix Radio show. Reading that the press calls her ‘Catherine the Great’ (like in one of the articles above) is even more amusing! :)))

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