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Top Ten Reasons to Love Kate Bush

From Daiana Feuer in todays’s LA Weekly:

“Kate Bush is one of the most important female musicians of all time. As an innovator and producer of her own sound, she’s sort of like the female Prince. It’s about the unitard. It’s about her googly eyeballs and interpretative dance moves, her music videos, and her way with a synthesizer. It’s about this 5 foot 3 woman standing up to the music industry and her refusal to let anyone make her be sexier than she wanted to be–which was plenty sexy as long as it was on her own terms. Bush’s ninth studio album, Director’s Cut, debuted today at #2 in the UK. It’s a re-imagining of some songs from 1989’s The Sensual World and 1993’s Red Shoes, and it’s a good opportunity to revisit her legacy. Here are The Top 10 Reasons To Love Kate Bush ...”


Director’s Cut enters UK Album Chart at no.2!


CoS: “A genius at work”

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  1. Rob't

    Again, not to nitpick, but the LA WEEKLY author says that Kate “rocks” the ukelele, although clearly, she is not really playing in the video, never even moving her left hand.

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