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Regrets – I’ve had a few…

Julie Burchill in today’s Independent:

BetaBoomers are those laid-back souls totally at ease with themselves – they may screw up as much as anyone else, but they won’t turn a drama into a crisis by beating up on themselves. They find regrets utterly pointless and somewhat self-important; Sade, Kate Bush and Adele appear to be like this…


CoS: “A genius at work”


Kate is working on a new album


  1. giulio

    What I really need from Kate Bush is her music, her voice.
    If some videos, performances and interviews come with it, that would be fine but….
    Kate Bush makes wonderful Music, that’s the main point.
    Her Music will remain.

  2. Oh heck, she’s being praised by Lily Allen, Gemma Atherton and Julie Burchill? I notice they all praise her lifestyle and have almost nothing of worth to say about her music, thankfully.

    If Tracey Emin starts getting keen I’m going to issue an injunction against any these bloody meedja-types saying nice things about her.

    • Julie Burchill always had a sneaking regard for Kate from the time she was an inky fingered Stalin-admiring journo on the NME in the late 1970s. As to Tracey Emin – I’m with you!

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