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CoS: “A genius at work”

Siobhan Kane on Consequence of Sound is thrilled by Director’s Cut:

“The thesis around Kate Bush‘s Director’s Cut is about fulfilling an original vision (or visions and versions), and the results are overwhelmingly thrilling. In a sense, “The Flower of the Mountain” becomes the centerpiece of the record; it is the one song she changes the title of (from “The Sensual World”) and for good reason–she finally gained permission from the Joyce estate to use Molly Bloom’s soliloquy from the end of Ulysses. So where her earlier work paraphrases passages, “Flower of the Mountain” is Bush unbridled, in a dialogue with Joyce, accessing his breadth of ideas, sense of female sexuality, and there is a sense that, finally, two titans are meeting each other …. The most important thing about the record is that it is a document of a genius at work; her sense of musicality, hold on philosophical, physical, and romantic ideas, all of this is bound up in that lyric from “Moments of Pleasure”: “Just being alive. It can really hurt.” And, just like Molly Bloom losing her head and heart in Ulysses, Director’s Cut feels like “After that long kiss I near lost my breath.” Astonishing.”

A scene from Director's Cut = photo by John and Gavin Bush


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  1. Harry Horton

    Flower of the Mountain reflects her Irish heritage. And Jig of Life and Galeic Song, (M’Na na h’eireann – may not be spelled right but close enough I suppose) thus a couple of others that she did also have Irish styles of music. THe Red Shoes has a rousing like Irish jig beat and rhythm indigenous to it also. And thus it too shares Irish traits in its compositional style and structure. I’m happy she finally got permission by the Joyce estate to finally and fully re-joyce the Sensual World.

  2. Rob't

    The review was a little ridiculous and over the top. My favorite part is that the author quotes the line “Just being alive, It can really hurt,” as being emblematic, although the line was deleted in the Drector’s Cut version of the song.

  3. David Rubin

    Just a note to say that here in New York City there is a magazine called The Village Voice and they gave it a GREAT review on 3/4th of a page. This is a big deal because the magazine is free and read by most of the city. Also, the size of the review for the magazine is very large. Most reviews get only 1/8th or less of a page.
    I am sooooo thrilled with the new album. It is a gift.
    Thank you Kate. You are Wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  4. Donny

    I liked the review a lot, but of course it is positive 😉 And Rob’t – the writer didn’t say that line was in the Directors Cut version of Moments of Pleasure, it just seems like a reference to sum up the record, emblematic is probably a good word and not to be taken literally, that’s what I took from it anyway. Hope we get a new record soon.

  5. TheImpermanence

    I thought it was a fabulous review and for someone to complain and say it’s ‘over the top’ yet they listen to Kate Bush needs to re-check themselves? Kate Bush music is ‘over the top’ now and again. Could you have done any better? No.

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