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“Hand over hand up the awsome ladder …”

Simple adulation from Aaron Peart:

In this day and age, with the cookie cutter pop music, it’s refreshing to hear an act that breathes new life into the industry. Kate Bush has lost nothing to her voice, both in power and sweetness, and is an artist in the true sense of the word: not afraid to push the boundaries of convention, and knowing exactly what that entails. “Director’s Cut” is set to be another jewel in this girl’s collection.”

Top of the City - a scene from Director's Cut


Kate is working on a new album


“A predictably divisive act of musical revisionism”


  1. And he’s related to Neil Peart of Rush!

  2. giulio

    ”an act that breathes new life into the industry”
    ”an artist in the true sense of the word”

    I am with you Aaron Peart 🙂

  3. Harry Horton

    I like the picture. I found the following quote from “wikipedia: Jacob’s Ladder” : “The ladder of the created universe is the ladder which appeared in a dream to jacob, who saw it stretching from heaven to earth, with angels going up and down upon it; and it is also the “straight path”. for indeed the way of religion is none other than the way of creation itself from its end back to its beginning.” end quote. Kate Bush’s Red Shoes video with Miranda Richardson, M. Richardson draws the straight line (kate Bush’s spiritual path ,the straight line represents) on a piece of paper. This is your path the straight line you walk, she sings something to that effect in the Red Shoes. Concordantly, she also trades the red shoes to kate Bush. That part of the song seems to be relevant to the above wikipedia section focused on ‘straight path’ the ladder symbolizes. Secondly, in the video: ‘The Dreaming’, by Kate Bush, the scenes convey a return to man’s origins at the beginning of creation for mankind–with the sun dawning off in the distance of the east along with a rough empty nascent earth’s landscape. This video’s scene too is relevant to the above quote’s: “way of creation itself from its end back to its beginning.” since the Dreaming expresses man at his beginning within the barren landscape visuals. The ladder in the picture and the wiki quote thus are expressive of this previous idea, perhaps. Additionally, from Constellation of the Heart: “Find me the man with the ladder, that he may lift me up to the stars.” Hence the above picture has all these Kate Bush allusions indigenous to it.

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