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“A predictably divisive act of musical revisionism”

A thoughtful review from Adam Gold on American Songwriter:

“How you judge and enjoy Director’s Cut really depends on where you fall philosophically on its plan of attack. If it isn’t a problem for you; if you’re not married to the time-capsule aesthetic of the original recordings, then there’s plenty to enjoy in an undeniably stellar set of songs, executed with a more resolute attitude, and with vastly varying changes in nuance — from stripped rhythm tracks to elongated intros. But if you just can’t abide Bush’s approach, then there’s simply no pleasing you, and you can expect to only be surprised at best, and frustrated at worst …”


“Hand over hand up the awsome ladder …”


Kate writing new album …


  1. I liked the ‘George Lucas’ comment about the Gang Of Four’s similar reworkings!

  2. “… an undeniably stellar set of songs…” TRUTH. DC is phenomenal. All friends (non-kb fans) that have heard the record were blown out off their socks by dc.

    yirry yanya

  3. giulio

    yes, ”undeniably stellar set of songs”;
    yes, ”time-capsule aesthetic of the original recordings” :
    2 good reasons why I can enjoy ‘Director’s Cut’… 🙂

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