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Kate writing new album …

The national press picks up on the story:

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“A predictably divisive act of musical revisionism”


Kate’s only tour

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  1. Harry Horton

    I read a media account that 2012 is most likely going to be the year the new album will be completed and released to the public. In anycase, I wish someone could go ahead and release the completed single on you tube or on this web site, the single: her collaboration with Rolf harris on the song: “She moves through the fair” (Don’t know, that that may not be the exact correct wording on the title, but it was an Irish folk piece nevertheless).
    The video the Red Shoes, the older one with Miranda Richardson in it, along with the devils, and Lindsey Kemp scenes. With kate Bush’s dancing and her grasping her forehead in a terrified realization of chaotic emotional quandry that seems to start to bleed out from the countenance of her face—these being visuals of the video, and with that in mind; I found the following quote of Nietzsche from a web site on Ubermensch. “I say unto you: one must have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” The quote came from the web site; “The perspectives of Nietzsche” University of Pittsburgh/ Its a saying that seems appropos to the red Shoes visuals perviously described.

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