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Carol Keogh joins Sensual Walk evening line-up

Irish singer Carol Keogh, of Plague Monkeys, Tycho Brahe and Autamata, will be performing a solo set at the evening part of The Sensual Walk in the Odessa Club, Dublin on June 18th. She joins Captain A, Mike Stevens of Groom, Richer Than Astronauts, Jeroen Saegeman of Walpurgis Family and the Prairie Dawgs for a great evening of music and Kate Bush type things, with the promise of some Kate Bush covers along the way! More here.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”510″][/youtube]


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  1. … having been a lurker & consumer of this site for years and years, i am a little bit ashamed to ask…. But…. I always understood the “sensual walk” to be a kate-bush-fan-hike across the country (ireland, i think)…. But because of this (see above) post, it would seem that it is a KB musical festival of some sorts? Is that true: because that would be awesome. A walk. Several gigs. Kate fans all over the place. All in the name and under the banner of KB? Is that what TSWalk is?


    • Hi – it’s smaller than that – it’s just a gathering, much like the Wuthering Hike events in Yorkshire, for fans to meet up in a place of some significance and have a good time. Previously we’ve come down into the village of Howth and spent the evening there with music. This year, I wanted to bring the evening part back into Dublin city which might be more convenient for people. The evening is again a relaxed affair, I wouldn’t call it a festival, but I will think of as many ways to make it special for Kate Bush fans as I can 🙂

  2. One day I’ll get there. Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing day.

  3. It sounds realy great. Wonderful that you are doing all of this. Site, Walks & perhaps even more.

    Pitty the walk is too far away for me. Will play some KB songs to be there in spirit.


  4. Pól

    Thanks for organising a great day and evening. Shame I had to leave early during the Odessa part as all the bands I heard were superb. It was all worth the trip from Donegal.

    Maybe next year…?

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