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New Canadian interview, plus Marianne Faithfull praises Kate!

We’ll have a full North American Director’s Cut round up soon, apologies for the slow down in updates, it’s been busy! Kate gives yet another new interview to the national Canadian weekly magazine Macleans, here.  Among other things they discuss the track Lily “….based on one of her real-life heroines, the late Lily Cornford, a noted spiritual healer in London with whom Bush became close friends in the ’90s. “She was one of those very rare people who are intelligent, intuitive and kind,” she says of Cornford, who believed in mental colour healing—a process whereby patients would be restored to health by seeing various hues. “I was really moved by Lily and impressed with her strength and knowledge, so it led to a song—which she thought was hilarious.


The interviewer, Elio Iannacci, also spoke to singer Marianne Faithfull about Kate: “On the phone from Paris, famous fan Marianne Faithfull notes that Bush’s four-octave range should be regarded as a “national treasure.” “My favorite instrument in the whole world is the human female voice, and Kate Bush is one of the reasons why. It is, by far, a Stradivarius,” Faithfull says. “Which is why she rarely deals with the press or isn’t in a rush to record. She’s one of the few who can be above all that.”


Carol Keogh joins Sensual Walk evening line-up


The Sensual Walk is a big success :)


  1. giulio

    very fine interview, with those details on Ms Cornford 😉
    It’s a pleasure to see Marianne Faithfull praise Kate Bush music and voice 😉

  2. Marianne Faithfull is another original. Takes no BS and does exactly what she pleases. I adore her.

  3. Gio Willis

    Kate Bush is a genuine artist. Regardless of charts, she produces her own music and creates her own label. We can’t really consider this album a real hit in the charts. It entered at number two but after two weeks it is not even in the top 100. I think, such an artist should deserve more than that, but Kate Bush is certainly ”élite”. What her public certainly misses the most is a new tour and a different kind of promotion, where Kate is protagonist…. This has not happened in her last video, she has not even appeared in it. This is , according to me , a mistake.

    • Agree. She needs to get herself out there a bit more. The reason it got to number 2 is because the hardcore fans rushed out and bought it with a bit more promotion it could have sold more. It would be great to see her on tv , or to do a tour. But then she has already been through the media thing and does not want to do it all again , still it would be nice to see her now and again .

      • Nanette

        My guess is that Kate would rather sacrifice album sales than “get herself out there a bit more”, simply because the consequences of more publicity would be horrendous. The media machine has gone absolutely mad since the 80s; every move is scrutinized. The best way to avoid being snapped taking her son to school or selecting a cantaloupe at the grocer’s is to keep the media at arm’s length. Famous people find out that they can’t just turn media scrutiny on and off–once the tabloids have someone in their sites, that’s it. I can’t say I blame Kate for forgoing sales in order to live a normal life, especially since she’s all about the music, anyway.

        • Lets be honest a tv interview or a tour now and again would’nt ruin her life but it would be nice for her to be a bit more visable. It’s up to her how she lives her life , of course and it is all about the music.

          • You are right that no one but Kate can determine what would ruin her life.

            She is an icon. She has influence countless others in ways that those who worship at the altar of “the most visible” could not imagine.

            One need only look at a clip of one of the horrendous teevee interviews from her past, and then look at one of the more horrendous displays of celebrity of today to remind us: Kate is just where she should be. No more. No less.

            She does not lack visibility or artistic cred. She is one of the most respected of her age already.

  4. By the way, Night Of The Demon was included on Mark Gatiss’s ‘History Of Horror’ which BBC-4 are repeating!

    How huge must KB’s phone bill be now?

  5. Kate Bush – ‘Diva’ and proud of it!

  6. Another Swede

    Kate has always been interested in things like this…..would be very interesting to know more about her look on spirits, ghosts, science and religion…….I think Lily was there for her when she went to” sleep” around the age of 36 to overcome the deep depression she went through
    after Red Shoes.

  7. I was wondering what happened to Kate’s dear friend Lily. I was sorry to read that Lily passed away. Anyway, I think Lily is very proud of Kate! I haven’t heard from Marianne Faithfull in a long time. Good to know that Mick Jagger’s muse is a fan of Kate!

  8. Nanette

    This interview finally asked KB some of the questions I would have asked.

  9. Haven’t heard from Marianne? She’s done some of the best work of her career in the past decade, including the brilliant Before the Poison. If you haven’t heard it, run don’t walk.

  10. John

    Nice article and a little research into Lily Cornford has proved most interesting.

    Marianne Faithfull rocks too.

    As for the charts – do Kate fans really care about them after all this time? I can’t imagine Kate is sat at home worrying about them, so why should we?

  11. Izzy

    Ok, I know it’s probably not important …. but I want to let you know/remind about this:

    Remember? Kate is in the top 10 now.

    ——–‘Diana Ross, Madonna or Lady Gaga? In January, users were asked to nominate their Pop Queens of the last five decades. From July 18 to 29, 18.30, ARTE will broadcast the portraits of ten of them, from the 60s to today. From June 20 on, vote to elect your queen of queens to be crowned in the final, on Saturday, July 30th at 20:40, live from Hamburg.’—

    So – Thursday, July 21: Kate Bush (probably some interviews with fans from London and a documentary footage on Miss Bush’s career)

    —‘Saturday, July 30: The 10 documentaries will be broadcasted again on the final show, live from Hamburg. Some young musicians will pay tribute to the queens and talk about their favourites.’—-

    Check out these sites if you know German or French…ls/3864464.html

    -the end-

    Sorry for spamming. Thanks for all the articles, KBNews-Team! I love you! 🙂

  12. Eden Scott Cross

    I find it odd to note that someone has written a song about Lily, and so her name is bandied about as if it were an object rather than the name of a remarkably special soul. Lily was indeed a rare, deeply loving, spiritual being through whom many of us — whose lives she touched — are forever changed for the better. A healer, a teacher, an angelic personage — she healed our bodies and sparked our souls into recognition of the lighted path we once knew while in Spirit. She triggered responses within us, reminding us that our soul development takes place while in this lifetime, concurrently with Spirit. Lily’s voice was quite song-like.
    It just strikes me odd, that one is making money thru the use of her name. She died penniless, as many healers did and perhaps still do. She had heart issues… and isn’t it that very chakra which healers seem to utilize to the max… She was a true blessing to one and all and an angelic teacher of the highest order, in my own life and times. And as she was wont to sign her letters, Many Blessings. A-men

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