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RIP Gow Hunter 1960-2011

Gow Hunter

Sad news this evening. The striking-looking actor and dancer featured in Kate’s 1986 video for her Hounds of Love single, Gow Hunter, has passed away yesterday at the age of just 51. A choreographer and dancer,  Gow had been living in Tokyo since 2007 and recently published several photography books.

UPDATE 2012: Kate posted on her official site about Gow and details of a charity sponsored walk in his memory:

Sponsored Walk – In Gow Hunter’s Memory – Earlier this month Karen Stripp took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for the Hampstead Marie Curie Hospice in memory of Gow Hunter. Although Karen has now completed the walk she is still accepting donations on her Just Giving Page available here. All proceeds will be donated to the Marie Curie Cancer Charity. In light of such a worthy cause and in memory of such a wonderful person Kate also wanted to add…

I’m so very sad to hear the news about Gow. He was a lovely man and such fun to work with as the male star in the video for “Hounds Of Love”. He really had the face of a great film star. He was just brilliant. Congratulations to Karen on the success of her walk and wishing her every success in raising funds. It’s such a lovely thing to do. Best wishes, Kate

Kate Bush 2012

From his official biography: “Trained in classical ballet Gow danced with various ballet companies and continued with diverse and challenging work in Television, Video, Film, Theatre and Opera. He has been very fortunate to live and work in many different countries….Paris, Rome, Geneva, Seoul, London to name a few and work with very talented performers/directors such as Kate Bush, Placido Domingo, David Bailey and Robert Lepage. After a successful career as a professional dancer Gow was accepted into Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design where he completed a B.A (Hons) degree in Textile Design. His designs have been seen on the catwalks of London Fashion week, solo exhibitions and his own label of knitted textile accessories. Gow has always had a passion for anything creative and photography has always been one of his most inspiring pastimes. Gow lives in Tokyo since 2007 and spends much of his time taking pictures of Japan and is beginning to fulfill his lifetime passion of photography.”

Sending our sincere thoughts and condolences to his loved ones.

Gow Hunter and Kate Bush - video still photo by John Carder Bush

In the video below, you can enjoy again Gow’s beautiful performance as the wrongly accused man in Kate’s Hitchcock-inspired promotional film for Hounds of Love. It is hard to imagine anyone more perfect in this role. Stunning.


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  1. Sky

    So sad.

  2. Del Palmer

    We’re all so very sad to hear this.. What a lovely man..

  3. CMYB

    He was one amazing looking man. He had the most stunning face and was certainly one of the many highlights in the H.O.L video.

  4. CrimsonCrow

    Such a loss…

  5. So sad. In all the years, ever since I first saw the video, I could never forget that face.

  6. 'fische

    didn’t know that…
    sad new mostly
    the same as me.

  7. So sorry to read this earlier today. Rest in peace, Gow.

  8. Condolences to the family and friends of Gow Hunter.

  9. nelson


  10. giulio

    So young. It’s very sad. 🙁

  11. shazcanfly100

    RIP Gow Hunter, you will be truly missed.

  12. Iain Hunter

    Many thanks for recognizing the work and talent of my brother. We sent him off in fine style yesterday – surrounded by friends, family, meadow flowers, extraordinary music, white doves and Buddhist chant – he would have been thrilled.

    • Sincere condolences to you, Iain, and to Gow’s family and friends on your loss. Fans have also been reacting with sadness on this site and on Facebook here and here.

    • Joseph Reid

      My sincere sympathy to you, your family, and all that live him! A truly gifted, and beautiful man! He won’t be forgotten, in the hearts of all he touched. I am included in that long list….

      RIP Gow!!! He is with God and the angels!!

    • Stu Pendlebury

      Just heard and am deeply saddened by Neil’s (Gow’s) passing 🙁 We went to the same school and acted and sang together in plays, musicals and on tour. Many happy memories of him as a kind, gentle and fascinating person!! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    • An Old Friend

      I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear such very sad news. I knew Gow in London and he was an amazing person and a fantastic friend. I will miss him very much.

    • Micheline

      I guess this a long time coming. I was suddenly struck with a feeling that I did not want to forget him. He was an amazing I got person. I tonight it might be a nice anecdote to share with you. If you ever actually see this. I met Gow in Tokyo at the gay district here. I thought. Oh my I am love but he looked very familiar. Then I realized he was that beautiful gorgeous man from the Hounds of Love video. I doubted my recognition. We did end up taking. He was such an amazing human being. We talked about dance and the idea of doing something together. Nothing happen ever. As I knew he was struggling with a disease. I was so sad that I did not get to know him better. He was such sn amazing human being.

  13. Jo Bainbridge

    It was an honour to know you, my beautiful, witty, charismatic, talented and loving friend. Your loss to this physical world is beyond words. Love you x

  14. David Domer

    I had the pleasure of knowing Gow in Tokyo, and I was sad to hear of his passing. I knew that Gow had planned on returning to Tokyo as he loved it there so much. My condolences to Gow’s family and friends in this time of sorrow. RIP Gow you are now at peace.

  15. This is so sad, he was a very talented person and his photographs of Japan and the Harajuka guys and dolls are just beautiful.

  16. J.S.

    Rest In Peace. Your talent will be missed but not as much you will.

  17. Chris and John

    My partner Chris had the honour to know Gow for thirty years, both here in Australia and later in London. They both were trained at Australian Ballet in the early eighties. Gow was such a special friend to both of us and we were constantly in touch via Skype. When we lived in England we had a lot of fun working together on commercials and in movies (The Tall Guy, 1989) In about 1999 Gow spent some weeks with us here in Sydney, enjoying being back in Australia again with his old friends, his brother Iain and new friends from Tokyo. We regret that we have only just heard of Gow’s passing and are grieving. We miss him. His humour. His wit. Just him being there and his Skype name popping up every morning. Bye Bye Gow. Sweet dreams Darling. Love Chris and John.

  18. Joseph Reid


  19. Gabriella

    oh so very sad,

    when i saw his pic on here ,.. i reconied his huge wide amasing blue eyes .. the are just stunning ,.. they even sparkle in kates video .. i think Gow,.. just amazing in teh Hounds of love video .. he is my fav leading man in kate bush all videos … iam very sad for his loved ones and family God bless him and his family ….

    love Gabi **

  20. timothy EVANS

    I discovered Gow in Japan too. He was insistent that I use him at my school in Yokohama to do some design or dramatic something. We had a wonderful month with his weekly visits with him wearing an amazing raincoat. Over dinner one night he began to mention an illness. But without any self pity. He was a lovely man. My best memory of him is coming into school for free and talking about dance. We switched on YouTube and he modestly mentioned that he had choreographed Lloyd-Weber’s Phantom. So modest. Dance on Gow in that wonderful raincoat your Mother bought you.

  21. Ol School Friend

    So sorry to all the friends and family for their loss, our thoughts are with you all in this time and I remember him all those years ago as a school boy and of course, never realizing the talent!!

  22. An Old Friend

    I have only just found out this very sad news and although I hadn’t seen Gow for some years I will desperately miss him. He was an amazing person and I loved him. Rest in Peace. xx

  23. Micheline

    I am so sad to hear this. I met Gow here in Tokyo. I live hear and well I was wondering why he was not replying to emails. I was on facebook and no one even mentioned this to me. So, sad to see this wonderful special human being leave us. I was not a very good friend but he touched my soul deeply. Rest in Peace Gow. I hope we meet on the other side or in the next life. Peace and love to you.

  24. Kenneth

    To soon. R.I.P.

  25. David Lyttle

    Hunter high school motto
    The mans the Gow,d
    Gow Hunter certainly was the the Gowd

    Robert Burns

  26. Such sad news. RIP to a man in his prime.
    I originally Googled him because of his stunning looks.
    However there was so so much more behind that chiselled look.
    Glad I got to know more about him though sad his life ended way too soon xx

  27. mark Gibson

    I knew Neil, we spent an amazing xmas together at my sisters house in Hastings in 1986, i was with my girl friend then wife, i got so drink and Neil and his partner put me to bed, what a great man we all had such a laugh XX

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