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Q&A with Kate in the current Classic Rock magazine

Classic Rock magazineThe current edition of Classic Rock magazine has a Q&A with Kate. The magazine describes this interview as follows: “The first lady of art-rock on resurrecting the past, reclusiveness and the royal family.”

Apparently Kate mentions that she is using old equipment to make her next album, aka KB10 (and now also affectionately known to fans as ‘Bonemeal’ due to Kate’s recent interview with Mark Radcliffe in which she praised the song-enhancing properties of leaving a bag of bonemeal sitting on her piano!).

Kate says: “I’m using the most archaic gear I could get my hands on. I’m working with analogue tape and old bits of valve equipment, a lot of that old stuff has a great sound.”

The issue is in the shops now.


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  1. Natan

    Could someone translate bonemeal for me? i’m from Brazil and the accurate translation makes no sense for me !

  2. giulio

    ”she is using old equipment to make her next album” 😉
    what a wonderful piece of news 🙂
    And please Kate, go analogue !! 😉

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