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Australian newspaper article – possible new album news?

The Sydney Star Observer has ran an interview with the company chair of EMI Music Australia, Mark Poston. Towards the end of the piece, it is mentioned that Poston anticipates a new Kate Bush album in the second half of 2011. From the article:

“Of course, you can never be sure with Kate Bush. She does things at her own pace,” Poston said with more than a little understatement. “But we’ve been told to prepare for a November release.”

The full article is here. This could of course be the most fantastic news of the year, a brand new album so soon after Director’s Cut, but please remember this is not an official statement and over the years we have had many false starts and dates and EMI in London have told us they have no Kate news at the moment. Rumours are only that until Kate and/or EMI makes an announcement, which of course we will bring as soon as we can.


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  1. mats (another swede)

    I think it could be possible that its true as Kate has revelaed that the work on the album is going very well and also because of commercial reasons close after the good reviews of DC

    Maybe this was the plan from the beginning but she wouldent dare to announce it just in case the album took another course

  2. “Two in one year – that would really surprise them, wouldn’t it?’ (Kate’s last words to Tom Doyle, 2005)

    If she didn’t mean it, she wouldn’t have said it …

    • Regardless of how great it would be, I would take Sean’s advice and not get too excited. Kate also said (live, at the convention) she’d be touring in 1990. Like most humans, in fact more so, there’s every chance there will be a few false starts before we get a new album. But it’s a nice possiblity!

      • Sorry – I was being a little tongue-in-cheek!

        You’re quite right, but I thought I’d remind everyone what she said back in 2005!

  3. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s SuperKate!

    Was this a plan to save EMI after Guy Careless Hands messed it up?

  4. Two albums in one year would be too much for my brain to handle. I’m still enjoying Director’s Cut immensely, so the possibility of another album this year would be a HUGE bonus.

  5. julian

    Whoop Whoop.

  6. She makes art, it takes as long as it takes. EMI sound a little sniffy but they know they get work that lasts and sells for 30 years, rather than a something that just sells well for a year and fades in the memory even more quickly. This year would be great; so we live in hope.

  7. Rocky

    The news of the release of Director’s Cut was leaked in a similar way if I remember correctly, so this gives me hope! However, I will not be cracking open the champagne until I hear some more concrete confirmation for the Kate Bush Camp or from Kate Bush News and Information! But, were this to be true, this would be the first time since 1978 that Kate has released 2 albums in one year. Regarding the commercial success of Director’s Cut, I thought it did well in reaching number 2 although by Kate’s standards the total album sales were a little disappointing, but given the nature of the project that is not too surprising. An album of totally new material would build on the success of DC and appeal to a wider audience beyond her loyal fan base!

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