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Unofficial Kate Bush DVD – a quick note

We’ve been receiving a few emails from people who have purchased the 100% unofficial DVD released recently, called “Kate Bush: A Life of Surprises”. Basically those contacting us want to let fans know that if you have already previously purchased the two unofficial DVDs from the same company, called “Kate Bush: Under Review” (2006) and “Hounds of Love: Under Review” (2009), this 2 x DVD set is a re-package of those two discs. Just in case you weren’t aware.


Q&A with Kate in the current Classic Rock magazine


Australian newspaper article – possible new album news?


  1. giulio

    It’s such a pity that no new Official Kate Bush DVD Video Collection has been launched on the market yet …
    I would purchase an official select at once, and I am sure I would be in good company 😉
    ’till then…. waiting patiently! 😉

  2. Ger

    I join you,,,or dvd from the tour 🙂
    greetzzzz and still in love with DC,,,

  3. Helen

    Thanks for the info, Sean.

  4. Sky

    I’ve seen this on eBay and Amazon, and it was only when I read customer reviews on the latter that I realised the material was previously available on other issues. Not a nice way to trade, it’s dishonest really. The seller ought to make it clear this material has been seen before on other DVDs they have issued. But thanks for flagging it up, Sean – will save some poor souls’ hard earned cash from being wasted. x

  5. Thanks so much Sean! I was very close to purchasing it…it is a little disingenous on the seller’s part, isn’t it…

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