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Slug Magazine: detailed review of Director’s Cut

Director's Cut inner sleeve artwork

This is a good read. From Dean O’Hillis in SLUG Magazine (Salt Lake Underground) another very positive review of Director’s Cut. The most detailed of the recent North American reviews that we’ve seen. Read it here. (Thanks to Jon West)

UPDATE: Collin Kelley has reminded us of his own detailed review of Director’s Cut, published at Soldout, which you can also read here, thanks Collin.


Australian newspaper article – possible new album news?


Writer Aimee Bender on ‘A Coral Room’


  1. noodle

    Collin’s link doesn’t seem to work for me 🙁

  2. Harry Horton

    Reviewing further pieces from the Directors Cut, I found some interesting video versions on the internet of certain kate Bush songs done by various artists. THe you tube selection: “Kate Bush – Rubberband Girl – Director’s Cut (L.A. Contemporary Dance Company) banberry 2112. THis video has an interesting dance group format. “Kate Bush. Director’s Cut. Rubberband Girl. Kate4 ever1. Tribute to Sylvie Guillem likewise uses a mixture of divefse ballet routines within its essence. Much like the piece: “Kate Bush. Director’s Cut. THe Red Shoes. Kate4ever1.” Interestingly in the Red Shoes video, hints at being comprised of the Wizard of Oz characters that seem to show up in flickers in the video’s visuals–the scarecrow, the lion, possibly even the Wizard himself who could be personified as the threatening man with his arm raised as the light flashes on and off on him. These are three videos to view in succession, and in the case of the wizard of Oz theme a fourth one (with some relevancy to the Wizard of oz theme) that I found on the internet : were some beautiful captures by video of North dakota tornadoes, The you tube site: “North Dakota Tornadoes 7-16-11” . Severe or more accurately: Roger Hill severe The scenes are almost hypnotically meditative with these funnels dancing along the North Dakota grain fields in one lonely solitary burst in the late afternoon summer light. Nature’s ballet played out in the uppermidwest.

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