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Happy Birthday Kate!

Wishing Kate a very happy birthday today, and very best wishes from all at

Looking forward to many good things whenever they may come!


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Happy Birthday Kate Bush: Five Reasons Why She Isn’t Bigger In America


  1. Dear Kate:
    I want to wish you a Very Happy 53rd Birthday!! Thank you so much for
    33 years of beautiful and thought-provoking music.

    Have a very wonderful day!
    Henrietta R. Hudson,
    New Jersey, USA.

  2. Ger

    Happy birtday KATE,,, have a nice day with your family,,,,wishing you all the best and lots of love,,,,from me,,,, GER from Holland,,one of your greatist fans K 8052
    Goodm uck with the new album

  3. Millais

    Just wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Kate!

    With love.

    Antonello & Roberta

  4. John

    Likewise. Happy Birthday from me.

    Thanks for contributing to the soundtrack of my life.

  5. Gabriella

    Huge Happyist Birthday to you Dear Kate!!!
    hope you have love and happyness in your birthday and everyday too…

    i hope you get the yummy choclate cake you love and icecream too…..

    may be it be a very very speacil 53 day for you !!cheers to you!!!
    lots love Gabi your Fancy….****

  6. HAAAAAAAAAPPPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR KATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you will have a lovely day ~♫*♫~ (← just a happy note :D)


    Patricia & Edwin
    (The Netherlands)

  7. Happy Birthday and many,many more.Have a lovely day Kate x

  8. Luis

    Happy Birthday my sweet fairy!!! “Oh yeah, you’re amazing, we think you’re incredible”
    You deserve the best in the world according to the words from my heart; because you filled it with you’re wonderfull voice, and you’re pretty madness, I love you Kate, with all my soul. I hope you read it, if it’s like that, you’ll know how much you give to my feelings, you teached me to heared you, and since I heared you, you’re the light of my brain.

    I love you Kathy!
    For ever you 🙂

    I’m Luis Ferreira, from Argentina
    If you want to answer me: Never lose hope !

  9. CxCharming

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Ever since I first heard your music 2 years ago I have never been able to listen to anything else. Your songs are so insperational, you really are my hero.

    Best wishes for the future! 😀

  10. Cloud Meranda

    Happy birthday Kate :)))
    Hope you have the best day and enjoy some sunshine on this beautiful day.
    Eat lots of cake 😉 xxxxxx

  11. Happy Birthday dear Kate ! I love you and your music, and i dream to meet you one day.


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