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The completed sections of the HomeGround Anthology have now been sent to the publisher. These take the story to 2006 and at present comprise 1132 pages. We will now be in discussion as to how this material is presented and whether there will be two volumes.

We are now working on the two final sections of the book. The first bridges the gap between Aerial and Directors Cut, and the final section which will cover Directors Cut and anything else which happens this year. These will use material which appeared in HomeGround issue 78, and material which will be in issue 79.

We are now beginning to put together issue 79 and welcome any letters or contributions, especially regarding Directors Cut, and any ads or personal messages. As ever it’s already looking like our problem will be what to leave out!


Writer Aimee Bender on ‘A Coral Room’


Happy Birthday Kate!


  1. So excited to hear about the progress of the HG anthology and the next issue. 🙂

  2. That’s so great! It’s going to be an amazing release for all the fans. Can’t wait already. I am just wondering about the price of the anthology (after the lithograph/shirt/canvas price shock). I guess I have to start collecting money now! 🙂

    And Steven’s art on the cover? Awesome!


  3. really excited about the homeground book-but whats happened to it we’ve all been waiting for two years ? lets get it into the shops asap!!

    • andy murray

      i quite agree ,what has happened to the homeground anthology book?please hurry up and get it published!!!! REGARDS ANDY MURRAY.

      • Believe me we’ve been hurrying! Just that there was a lot to do. We are actually really on the final section which is the material from the last print HomeGround. So we’re hoping sometime this year.

        • andrew murray

          hooooray-thankyou for that peter-really looking forward to this publication!!

  4. sharon power

    Peter will the book be out in time for Christmas if not when. Looking forward to its release also not seen any news on the home ground party i had tickets but last minute could not go .So just wanted to know how it went thought i may have seen some news on here
    thank you
    J Power

    • Answer is I don’t know if it’ll be available for Christmas. We actually have finished, so hope to have some news from the publisher shortly.

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