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Kate talks to NPR radio in the US today!


“I’m in a very creative space, (Director’s Cut) kind of gave me a bit of confidence which always helps you to move forward, and it’s been received very warmly by people which is very nice, because you never know….”

Update: Apologies for the cobbled together news flash on this earlier, I was away from my computer and not fully used to making updates on my new “smart” phone! This was an unexpected interview promoting Director’s Cut which was announced by Kate’s official site this afternoon. Lovely as always to hear Kate talk about her work, and a surprise to realise that we are still, in some ways, in the midst of the promotional push for Director’s Cut! So great that the positive reaction to Director’s Cut has fired her up in her current work. You can hear the full interview at the NPR website here. Kate is chatting to David Dye on the World Cafe programme. David had also previously interviewed Kate for the release of The Red Shoes.


Paddy Bush exhibition in Cavan, Ireland!


Will Young sings Kate


  1. mats (another swede)

    Well-the think i need now is not DC, its about new work

  2. Huge Kate fan

    She should of used the voice of GLaDOS from portal

  3. Love DC & very eager to see what the next chapter is going to be.

  4. Shouldn’t a squadron of pigs have flown past when the interviewer said he hoped to hear more from her in the next five years?

  5. Harry Horton

    The following article on the warring between NPR and Lee Zimmerman centering on Kate Bush’s American popularitycontinues on into late August with the following article off the internet: “Backstage: A response to NPR Regarding Kate Bush” Lee Zimmerman; Aug 22, 2011. Categories Backstage in South Florida; Broward Palm Beach New Times Blogs. The article takes up once again Mr. Zimmerman’s five points on why Kate Bush’s popularity supposedly never completely flowered in the U.S. over the past three or so decades.

    An interesting second article: Peter Gabriel to Release Orchestral Album Friday August 19, 2011; Pitchfork.

    A couple of earlier articles on Kate Bush: “Kate Bush album to be relased in November?” Caitlin Peterkin; Paste magazine.
    Paste magazine ran an additional article on Kate Bush: “Nicola Roberts wanted Kate Bush on debut album” Anthony Lund; Paste Magazine.

  6. Nanette

    The sad thing is that it takes a lot longer to make an album than it does to listen to one 🙂

    Kate’s son is a lucky kid, not because his mother is talented and famous and wealthy, but because she loves him so much–and she shows it. When she says “my son”, her voice sounds so proud and loving.

  7. giulio

    yes, it’s so nice when she tenderly refers to her beloved son 🙂

    I’m happy Kate Bush is still so warmly presenting ‘Director’s Cut’
    in interviews like this, as I think this album is simply of a stunning
    Now, the new album is so expected 😉

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