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Will Young sings Kate

A recent BBC Radio 2 appearance by Will Young to promote his new album, “Echoes” featured this live cover of Running Up That Hill.



Kate talks to NPR radio in the US today!


Some photos from Paddy’s exhibition


  1. martin Purser

    How lovely, the best cover of this Kate song i have heard, Will seems to have to have caught the feeling of this song, and put it across in his own unique way.

  2. Ummm… No!!! I personally don’t see the point in these “artists” covering other people’s songs if they can’t bring something new or interesting to it. It also leads me to wonder what their motivation is for doing it; monetary, or a thin attempt to garner more interest to their own work. Will Young’s rendition of this song is mediocre at best. Covering someone else’s work is a tricky thing, and if it can’t be successfully pulled off, I don’t think it should even be attempted.

    • Annie

      Rinfy, I understand your point about cover versions of songs in general, but this cover of Running Up that Hill by Will Young is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful interpretations of a song you are ever likely to see and hear. He sang it on his recent tour, and there was hardly a dry eye in the house, including Will’s – he found the song so emotional there were tears in his eyes on more than one occasion. He obviously finds this song deeply moving and pertinent to him, and I think it does Kate a great honour that her song has inspired such a truly meaningful interpretation.

  3. mats (another swede)

    This version is even better than the original as i am not too much into the upbeat of the original.

  4. Nanette

    I disagree, Rinfy. The song is slower, and it doesn’t have the momentum or the pounding drums. That’s new, because the singer didn’t try to replicate the drive and urgency of the original. It’s a thoughtful take on the song. It was worth listening to, IMO.

  5. Lucy

    I think this rendition is beautiful, and have no doubt that the artist covered it simply from a joy of singing and love of, and interest in, music other than his own. I feel sure that Kate would be pleased that other artists enjoy her music.

  6. I hate when Kate fans think that any cover of one of her songs is just awful on principal. I think this is a beautiful cover, probably the best cover i’ve heard actually and i’m sure that Will sang it because he loves the song and not for any monetary reasons (his album is No1 you know… ) and we should be glad he’s giving Kate more exposure so that more people can experience her music 🙂

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