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OFFICIAL!! Kate’s New album is ’50 Words For Snow’!!!

Exciting news from Kate’s official site:

50 Words For Snow

We are extremely pleased to announce that Kate will be releasing a brand new album: “50 Words For Snow” on 21 November 2011. The album will be the second release from Kate’s own label Fish People and comprises all new material that was recorded during the same period that Kate worked on her album Director’s Cut. You can pre-order your copy at any of the following online stores now: HMV iTunes Amazon Play

“50 Words For Snow” will feature seven brand new tracks set against a background of falling snow. The total running time is 65 minutes and the track listing is:


A higher resolution version of the cover image is here (thanks Louise). This is obviously incredible news, who would have guessed 2011 would see Kate release two albums! Here at and HomeGround we are just as excited as all of you and we will make sure we bring you all the news, reports, reviews and everything else as it happens… `let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’!!!

Seán, Peter, Krys and Dave


Retail leaks news of KB10 ’50 Words For Snow’ – title confirmed!


Twitter reveals: Stephen Fry and Stefan Roberts on new album!


  1. The only time I ever mark a release in my calendar. Yippee, snow!

    • Andre

      And the only time you don’t need to. Or are you really worried about forgetting the release date!? 😉

  2. MrGneiss

    OMG, this it so awesome!! 😀

  3. Darren

    Here we go folks! The description sounds sublime. Dust of your sleigh, pull on the winter woolies and lets go for a ride…………!

  4. Darren

    The HMV website seems to be suggesting that the vinyl album is a 2 LP set.

  5. I was feeling quite low today but this really cheered me up… 2 Kate releases in one year!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome… can’t wait…. Now i’ll spend the next 3 months wondering what they will sound like!!!!!!

  6. Rod

    Yes! Oui! Awo! Bai! Так! Ja! Shi! Hoon! Da!…etc. Sorry, realised I don’t know 50 words for “yes!” but you get the drift.

  7. John


  8. Vincent

    As ever full of surprises is Kate! When she said in Directors Cut interviews the new album was progressing well who knew it was so close? Interestimgly I think am right in saying this is the shortest album in terms of tracks with just 7 and the longest ever at 65 mins long!!! Last time we got 2 albums from Kate in same year was the debut year 1978! This is sooo exciting am already walking in a winter wonderland in anticipation 🙂

  9. Soulvlaki

    I’m speechless!

  10. Steve

    It can only be better than the Director’s Cut. I am hoping that she was putting all her efforts into ‘Snow’ at the time she recorded the two albums.

  11. Vincent

    I hasten to add re: the aboce with the exception of Aerial which was a double album 🙂

  12. Minna

    wooooHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  13. Gerard Meij

    Fantastic news, any news on a possible single release?

  14. Andrew Heritage

    Fabulous news!!! Can’t wait to hear it.. x x x

  15. mike jacques

    Welcome news, indeed, but what kind of “sound” will she give us this time? Aerial was amazing. Some not so great tracks but also some very fine stuff too. Director’s Cut just seemed to be for Kate’s benefit,rehashing tracks she wasn’t really happy with when they were originally released. Overall,a very dissapointing piece. This new album could be the trick that either re-establishes her as a major artist of kill her career with more over-self indulgent musings that only she will find satisfying.

  16. Neil


  17. Just drove home on a long drive – with Kate playing on the stereo, now there are some new songs to add to the pleasure collection.
    Wonderful, Kate.

  18. giulio

    I am SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Kate…. 🙂
    The title is very very nice, mysterious, and the front photo is so poetic. 🙂

  19. mats (another swede)

    Well, i hope it is not about that kind of illegal snow………..but at least more exiting than the sweet cover

  20. Well, we had summer with Aerial – and Ms Bush has always loved winter, so I can’t wait:

  21. So her little joke about releasing two albums in one year has come true. She’s a crafty one, that Kate. Looking forward to some fabulous songs for winter.

    • Kent

      Yes, I think many (but not all) are aware this falls into the category of urban myth. May not be a linguistic truth, but certainly has a poetic quality to it.

      Who knows, maybe Kate will reprise “freezed” as a poetic choice. I mean, grammatically, ouch! but Babooshka, what a song, notwithstanding. One may be forgiven such “slips,” or even attributed intentional genius, when one has the stature and deserved reputation as does our Ms. Kate Bush.

      SRI (with a nod and a wink to IED 😉

      • Jaakko

        We Finns certainly have 50 and even more words for snow.

      • Keith

        Kate and snow and ice seem perfect. Her early demos had “(On Fire Inside a) Snow Bowl,” which the cover of 50 WORDS brings to mind:
        “We bend to join our lips but it’s too cold to kiss…” As also remarked, there’s “Under Ice.” Then the snow imagery of “DWBMA.”

        Works for me!

  22. Brandon

    Wow, did not expect to get this news today!! So it is official now, just two more months until some new Kate!

    I am still shocked by the title, the album cover, the track titles, and that font :(. Not at all what I was expecting, but I nonetheless I am excited. No one else mentioned it, but this is her Christmas album right? Or seasonal album rather. Never thought she would do one of those.

  23. Mike C

    Officially very excited! Looking forward to hearing Kate’ new “mature” voice on some new material rather than old songs (none of Director’s cut really improved the originals)

    • John

      I agree that nothing on Director’s Cut was an improvement over the originals, but it still made for a very pleasing ‘diversion’. I wouldn’t be without the 2011 versions of Deeper Understanding, Moments of Pleasure, Never Be Mine, And So Is Love and Rubberband Girl for anything.

      The short track list but extended running time is making me think of Pink Floyd – not for the first time in Kate’s career I might add – and if just one song on this can compete with the likes of Shine On You Crazy Diamond then it will be worth every second of the wait.

      As for the seasonal album comment; I’m really feeling this vibe. Aerial – Summer, 50 Days of Snow – Winter. Does this mean there’s at least another two albums to come from the divine Miss B?

      • Kent

        Why would they have to improve on the originals to be enjoyable? They’ve certainly added layers of meaning and resonance for me. It makes me think, if Kate did a tour, this is what these songs might sound like now. Even if she does decide to tour, chances are I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see it. So this was a gift to the fans, to be sure. Maybe also made some new fans in the process, who wouldn’t have heard these songs 20-ish years ago.

        • That’s what i’ve been wondering when people have complained about “Director’s Cut”. Personally the only Kate albums i don’t own are “The Kick Inside”, “Lionheart” and “The Sensual World” (because i like to keep some for when she takes years between releases lol) and i’m not particularly attached to “The Red Shoes” so maybe that’s why i was more open to DC?
          I loved many of the original versions but i think the new versions are amazing too, If there were no previous versions and DC was new material people would be praising it like mad, just enjoy both versions lol

          • John

            Just for the record I will state AGAIN that I do enjoy Director’s Cut a lot, despite feeling none of the songs improved on the originals.

  24. Keith

    Great news and great potential for vids. I don’t think Kate would fall for the misconceptions about the north’s indigenous peoples and their languages, but I can definitely see her using it as a jumping off point.

  25. Harry Horton

    With the news of the coming new Kate Bush album, the following articles covering this announcement are on the internet:
    “Kate Bush announces New Album” – Pitchfork
    “New album from kate Bush – so soon” Press Association via Yahoo
    “Kate Bush announces new album” – The Irish Times
    ‘Kings of Leon Boast Welsh Heritage”- Belfast telegraph
    “X factor Johhny Robinson worked as female impersonator” – Digital Spy – Aug 31.
    (THis article has a reference to Kate Bush’s new album).

    One significant fact with the announcement and the titles of the new tracklisting is the absence of the Rolf Harris Kate Bush Irish piece : “She moved through the fair”. Kate Bush and Rolf Harris created a duet of this piece sometime over the past two years and supposedly the song was going to be on this new album. Whatever happened to it? And how many more additional songs does Kate Bush have that are created that also are not on this new album. She moved through the Fair was leaked on the interent and this web site carried it for a while over a year ago, until EMI wished it to be withdrawn.
    Thus possibly there are songs already made that could comprise another new album soon after this November 2011 release: “50 words for Snow”. In anycase, I wish she would release any new songs as singles that she has created, that is new songs that she may not feel worthy to be on a new album. If there are any. Having trouble posting this comment….

  26. Corxin

    One of my favourite K.B tracks is “Under Ice”, I love the sense of menace in it and I’m hoping against hope that this new album of songs with a winter theme will be similarly complex and loaded multiple interpretations but then that is what Kate does best! 2011 is certainly turning out to be a golden year for us fans.

  27. When I saw the title of the upcoming KB 10 album, my jaw hit the floor – and not in a good way, either. With all due respect: KATE BUSH IS CAPABLE OF MORE THAN THIS!!! I’ve been a fan of her since she started her career 32 years ago. I can’t help but think that when Kate made “Aerial”, she was at her musical/career peak. Even if “50 Words for Snow” was meant to be a holiday release, I can’t help but feel disappointed after all these years. I guess I’ll buy “The Sensual World” on CD after all.

    • Kent

      Wow, talk about judging something by its cover. We’ll see, we’ll see (or hear, rather.)

    • David Cross

      We don’t think this is a Christmas album, more like music inspired by winter…

      • Alan

        Right with you there, I think this could be some of her finest work invoking the winter and all it represents and brings, melancholic and beautiful, can’t wait, thanks Kate.

    • cwg

      wow, could you BE any more judgemental! Really? An album title has had SUCH a negative affect on you? Wow, I’m so glad I’m a huge fan and can simply have faith that her genius is once again at play… feel so sorry for those who jump on the most ridiculous of things to criticize someone with more talent than I have in my finger nail (and I dare say that applies to most everyone here as well)

      can’t wait to dive into the wonder that is coming…

    • Ian


  28. Daniel

    Another album! WOW! I’m so glad! Can’t wait for it… 😀

  29. Gabriella

    yes , it is very exciting ,..2 albums in a year ,.. Kate is spoling us KTtfancys !! i like that !!! lol,…

    i love snow ,..cant wait hear it!!! ….sound lovely,..thinking this shall be a hoilday album for eveyone!?? either way ,..just cant wait listen to 50 words for snow….!!!!:)

    peace love Gabigrl;)***

  30. Oh My God! I am so happy! After a gruelling day at work I cannot tell you how this news has lifted my spirits! I know it’s bad to wish your life away but I really wish it was November now! Love Kate to bits, what a glorious woman!

  31. Alan

    It’s released the day before my 40th birthday. I can’t think of a better present!

  32. I don’t know why, but each time I look at the album cover for ’50 Words For Snow’, I’m reminded of Aled Jones and “Walking Through The Air”…. and that Snowman cartoon.

  33. Mike

    November will be magic again !!! Forget summer and fall, let the winter begin.

  34. I Can – Not Wait for Winter: Let the Snow fall Down.

  35. Can’t wait but will not make a comment about it until i have heard it well remember Director’s Cut.

  36. Harry Horton

    More internet articles that now have started to cascade on the news wires on the Kate Bush November album release this september 12 2011:

    1. “Kate Bush: First New Album in six years” Rolling Stone.
    2. “Kate Bush unveils new studio album ’50 words for Snow” Mayer Nissim Digital Spy.
    3. “Kate Bush to Release second album in six months” Anthony Lund Music Rooms.
    4. “Kate Bush confirms upcoming album release” Vince Hunt News Quod.
    5. “Kate Bush confirms new album her second this year…” CLASHMUSIC. Robin Murray.
    6.”Kate Bush to release new album ’50 words for snow” in November”- NME

    Further articles:
    7. “Kate Bush Back In Business with album of all new music ’50 words for snow’ “–Huffington Post.
    8. “Kate Bush prompts the question: Who are the laziest people in Music?” hecklerspray. Mof Gimmers Sept 12, 2011. Some interesting comments.
    9. “Kate Bush to release new album 50 words for snow in November on her own Fish People label” John Cindy Politics and Computers.

    Other media covering the album release: “Exclaim!, Anglophrenia,,TwentyfourBit, Consequence of Sound, Prefix, and the Guardian. “All the above are Septmeber 12, 2011 articles.

  37. Jaakko

    So happy.

    As a Finn I appreciate the album concept a lot – We get more than plenty of snow every year, and now I feel like I’m about to get a new companion to help me through this coming snowy season (and all those to come).

    Thank you, Kate!

  38. Hello Earthling

    The cover is fantastic. Maybe the album contains a song about a young Kate bringing the snowman to life with a kiss. Could that be why the “KT” is formed between their lips?

  39. That Irn Bru ad that parodied The Snowman also came to my mind!

  40. mats (another swede)

    Wildman is actually a coffee-bar by lake Tahoe

  41. douglas webster

    Its wonderful! Everywhere…. soooo white…. not a soul on the ice only me… …..spitting the snow……. theres something… moving under….under the ice,,,,,, moving,,,,,,, its me,,,, can’t wait to listen through the icy air as the snow queen returns on her sleigh with turkish delight!!!! I can hear the bells …. jingling…. coming closer…….. the leaves leave the trees and she will soon return!! Make room on your sleigh Kate – December will indeed be magic again! xxx

  42. Paul

    When I said to my friends I hope we get snow againthis winter, this isn’t what I meant, but it is much much more exciting:)

  43. This is amazing news! I randomly went to Kate’s site this morning and saw the announcement and FLIPPED out 😀
    I seriously cannot wait, I love “Director’s Cut” but this is what I’ve been waiting for! Ever since i heard the AMAZING “Aerial”, specifically disc 2 and it’s content about a summer day i’ve been wanting an album the same but about winter and now i may get it 😀

    Can’t wait to buy this album and add it to my Kate collection.

  44. Slithy Tove

    Is that Emily Brontë kissing a snowman?

  45. Nanette

    Wow, Hudson, aren’t you even going to listen to it first?

    Serves me right for trying to predict what KB does: I read about the new album rumours a while back, and thought, “don’t hold your breathe, folks. You’ll asphyxiate yourself.” I stand corrected–and breathing.

  46. Millais

    A truly magic bag of delights that is going to fill our Winters to come with warmth and love.
    Thank you for every little bit of emotion you have given me throughout your career, Kate.

  47. Erin

    What a year! First the release of the wonderful Director’s Cut with new photos and radio interviews etc. I have listened to it almost every day since May the 13th.
    And now: a completely new album!!
    I love what seems to be the concept of it, the winter theme.
    I am so happy!

  48. Pekka

    Total happiness.

  49. Eric

    This is the shortest interval between two KB-albums: 6 months. In 1978 there were 9 months between ‘The Kick Inside’ and ‘Lionheart’. Who said anything about a lazy artist?

  50. So where is Wheeler Street? – the only one I know is in Cambridge.
    But if Lake Tahoe and the Wildman coffee bar are in USA, then Wheeler Street could be somewhere in North East USA where they had a lot of snow earlier this year. Quite a lot in fact:
    Just a guess!

  51. and someone’s put up track lengths at Wikipedia:

    13 minutes and 49 seconds??!!?!? – Play ‘Misty’ for me Kate!

    • Rose, she went ahead and made your day! She could always cover the Gorillaz’ ‘Clint Eastwood’ as a bonus track for the single.

  52. and now Stephen Fry’s revealed he’s on the album as well – the ultimate UK national treasure mashup!!/stephenfry

    • John

      Yuk. I hate the term ‘National Treasure’ – so tacky. It makes them both sound like little old dears who are beyond perfection. Stephen Fry is a very self indulgent man who, for a supposedly very intelligent man, makes some very imbecilic remarks about society and those in it. His involvement in the release does not fill me with confidence.

  53. Sorry – got a bit excited there – he actually said on 9 September: Much twitter absence today as I’m doing highly secret squirrel filming. Fun but maddening not being able to share. Apologies.
    so there is a video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Did anyone else think Wildman was something to do with the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman?

    By coincidence, I was in Headingley Enterprise & Arts on reception yesterday and I heard a young mum say to her toddler son, ‘Bertie, come here!’

  55. linton heathcliff

    50 grams of snow….(nudge nudge, wink wink!!)

  56. FGM

    I know this is a ‘new’ album’ with ‘new’ music – but everyone’s hope that this being as good, not as good, etc as Aerial is unrealistic, I think. I don’t think this is going to be that kind of record. Likely it’s a seaonal record, probably pretty sparse in it’s production – betting mostly piano and vocal – maybe even a bit along the lines of George Winston (she has admitted in the past she liked his work – and he did seasonal records). If it were to be of the same standard as a ‘normal’ Kate Bush release I doubt she would have released it this soon after Director’s Cut.
    Probably just accept it for what it will probably be – not a full-blown Kate album as we would normally expect from her – and that’s fine by me – it could be a refreshing change for her and us!

    • There is no indication that this is simply a “seasonal” album any more than Aerial was because half of it was a concept on the theme of MidSummer. This is simply the polar opposite; from what Kate says a linking theme of falling snow. We think this is as full-blown a Kate album as any. She seems to have worked on the new tracks for this album during the same period as the reworked tracks for Directors Cut. Both that and this are the product of her labours over the last few years since 2005.

  57. Nanette

    The lengthy tracks make me wonder if KB is tired of the 3 minute format. After all, she perfected the form at nineteen. While some might see her longer, mood-tinged tracks as proof of a diminution of her song-writing powers, I see an artist trying to stretch herself. Why do the same thing over and over?

  58. Michael

    I am 41 years old and there has never in my life been another artist who, when announcing a new album, makes me feel anything like the euphoria I get when I know the amazing goddess is coming out with something new. For weeks I mull over the titles in my mind, trying to imagine just what form they will take. Just the idea of a song by Kate is enough to sustain my soul. Who else can do this? Please let me know because I’ve never had the experience with anyone else. I am so in love with snow, with winter, with that special Arctic feeling. My heart has swelled up like a huge balloon. I can’t even think straight. I’m afraid that I’m one of “those” people, the people who think Kate’s music is a lifeline.

    • Kent

      You’re certainly not the only one of those people. I’m 48, have listened to and loved most of Kate’s music since I was 18. So each of her songs and albums has associations and resonances with life events ranging over the past 30 years. Or there’s a resource I can tap into in a song lyric, or whatever. If I’m feeling down, well then Symphony in Blue comes to mind. Go blowin’ my mind on God…yeah, that’s the stuff, all right. Kate is my drug of choice.

      • Michael

        Kent, when I said “Who else can do this?” I actually meant who else but Kate Bush can do this to a person! 🙂 I would be horribly snobby and selfish if I thought I was the only one who felt deeply about Kate’s work! But I’m glad that you feel deeply about it all too!

        • Kent

          No, I was replying to ‘I’m afraid that I’m one of “those” people, the people who think Kate’s music is a lifeline.’ I’m just saying you’re certainly not the only one of ‘those’ people.

  59. Hasse

    “50 words for snow” is now no3 on’s pre-order chart!

  60. Hasse

    Now number 2 on Amazon’s pre-order chart!!

  61. Tim

    Great! So all those rumours were true then?
    As has been mentioned this could be Kate’s 1st. ‘Seasonal’ or Christmas album!
    Sounds good; I expect it to be fairly ballad-orientated with piano/keyboard and choir and/or choirboy but I could be wrong. You never really know what to expect with Kate! All I can say is I hope its a good listen and a HUGE SUCCESS for her! p.s. I’m 48!

  62. Domenico

    It never snows here in Pompeii… but I’m sure it will on november 21th! I’m freezing…

  63. richard Hanna

    The Inuit have 50 words for snow. My favourite is “Apotook” It is the light fluffy snow that blows over the more impacted snow. I think the cover is a little prosaic and I secretly suspect Kate did the art work, but we love her and can indulge her this.

  64. organon

    Suprised the inuit only have 50 words for snow..
    The Sami (indigenous people of northern norway, finland and sweden speaking a language related to the finno-ugric branch) apparently have more than a hundred words for snow (several hundred if you count snow-related words).
    The roughly equivalent word for the “apotook” mentioned above is “vahca”.

    Imo the first 40 mins of the new album is the best sequence of music Kate has done since sensual world.. however next time I want some more experimental pop (but not too much pop if you know what I mean.. ie not a full album of rubberband girl songs)

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