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Kate excited by response to new album

Kate has today posted this message on her website :

Hi there,

I just wanted to say how excited I am about the response to the announcement of ’50 Words For Snow’. Thanks so much. I am really pleased with how it’s all come together and I hope you enjoy the music and the artwork when it’s released.
With best wishes,


Just to say we are all equally excited at the prospect of hearing these new tracks. The snow can’t arrive soon enough.


Congratulations Guy!


First look at ’50 Words for Snow’ album packaging!


  1. Paul Thomas

    I do hope Kate knows how much she is loved..

  2. giulio

    Kate Bush albums are pearls in music.
    Thank you 🙂

  3. kurt birsch

    I’m still enjoying Directors Cut, but about to go through the whole wonderful process once again with Fifty Words. Really looking forward to this new work from Kate. Can hardly wait. 🙂

    cheers Kurt

  4. John

    I’ve had a really rubbish day today. Everything I’ve planned went wrong in a truly spectacular and embarrassing way. It’s come at the end of a difficult week too.

    But, there is something to look forward too. There is a new Kate Bush album coming out.

    50 Words For Snow will be awesome.

  5. But sometimes the anticipation is almost as good as the event itself – especially when one knows the quality threshold of the artist concerned!

  6. What a classy lady 🙂

  7. Vindrag

    Oh, how nice to read a message from Kate! I’m so excited for this album!

    Wildman released a single 10th october, is that only a rumour? 🙂

  8. dusan

    We want new single-not mp3 file, but vinyl and cd format, we want new video with Kate in main part from the very first to the very last second, we want a heavy rotation of the new video on MTV and VH1, and not just 1 single like King Of the Mountain but few singles, all in charts at the top, few videos-every next better than previous, we don’t want expensive T shirts and lithographs, we want good music, good album like in old good times, we want seeing Kate at Grammy’s, Mercury’s…

  9. Kent

    I’m nearly ashamed to admit I didn’t care for Aerial very much when I first heard it. “Washing machine?” Really!

    How my opinion has changed (as always) with repeated listenings. So, I’m anticipating the same here: “Oh, how weird!” at first and “oh, how wonderful!” ultimately. That pretty much sums up the unique delight of Kate Bush’s music for me.

  10. …and i wonder how could she get any sweeter…pff…^^Goddess

  11. giulio

    I can’t but wonder how the new album will sound like…Not only the songs,
    I mean, but the record sound quality… Any new album from Kate Bush is
    such an experience. 🙂
    I wonder whether she knows we love her, and her music, so much. 😉

  12. I feel pleasantly spoiled by Miss Bush this year. So much joy. Director’s Cut is a masterpiece to me. I can’t even describe what I feel travelling through its deep and rich musical (and artistical – the booklet is a work of art) paths. And now- 2 in a year, again! An amazing experience! Sending my Thankyous.

    • Erin

      Isabelle, that is exactly how I feel about this year and the whole DC project!

      The project also made me rediscover aspects of both the original albums, which was a nice bonus.
      The remaster of TRS made me fall in love with “Big stripey lie”, which was one of the few songs by Kate that I never liked.

      As I write this, I am listening to the wonderful Sky of Honey from Aerial – waiting for a change in the weather – “let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!” 🙂

  13. Gabriella

    just hearing from our Kate is music to my ears !!! i think this shall be a speacil album..i am still in quite aww about another album from Kate in the year , who knew???

    just cant wait to hear the sound of snowy snow…..:)**

  14. emil mcmahon

    To say the sense of anticiaption is tangible would be an understatement, I am counting down the days in a state of delirious excitement…. my ipod is on kate play constantly, listening to every piece of music she has ever given us. What a joyous year… 2 albums in the space of 6 months, it’s almost too much to cope with.
    and by the way… the merchandise on the site is of fantastic quality!!
    and by the way even more so: single releases would be cool… and video’s featuring Kate would be amazing.
    and by the way that touch more: wouldn’t it be phenomenal if Kate had a Christmas No.1 in both album and singles charts!

  15. Michael

    Seeing this beautiful album artwork is a prime example of the hardest part about any Kate release — the painful waiting time before an album comes out! It’s so close, and yet so out of reach! (I can almost hear Kate singing on the original version of The Sensual World, “Ummm, yes … but not yet!”) Kate, you temptress! Two long months to wait! How could you!? 🙂

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