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Australia: Radio National ‘Album of the Week’

Down in Oz the national broadcaster ABC on the Radio National channel has 50 Words for Snow ahead of its release, and from Wednesday, November 16, all the tracks will be available to listen to online.

Here’s a treat on several levels: she has a reputation for innovation and independence, she has a track record that any artist would cherish, she does not release albums on anything near a regular basis so when they come, you should listen carefully… Kate Bush. This is an album that is quiet, lush and otherworldly.”


“Uncommonly evocative soundscapes”: Clash


“Incredibly, unique, experimental”: Everything Entertainment


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    Yes! Album of the Week…. for me it’ll be an album of the coming months.

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    quiet and lush… 😉
    I remember they used the ”lush” adjective to refer to
    ‘Director’s Cut’ as well 😉

    PS the Classic Rock’s leave-a-message link doesn’t seem to work . . . 🙁

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    The beat in 50 words of snow reminds me of running up that hill, in a totally different kind of song though, I like it!

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