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“Incredibly, unique, experimental”: Everything Entertainment

At Everything Entertainment Central Tim David adds a 4/5 review of 50 Words for Snow:

These tracks are epic. The shortest one is only just less than 7 minutes long. This makes this 7-track album run into the hour territory of most full albums, meaning this L.P. stand next to the rest in quantity. In terms of quality however it stands apart in it’s own incredibly, unique experimental league … a concise, cohesive classic feeling album that brings Bush back into the mainstream music world in which she belongs.”


Australia: Radio National ‘Album of the Week’


“The Snow Queen of Albion’s electric eden is back to reclaim her throne” – Classic Rock


  1. giulio

    😉 😉 😉

  2. Julie Tovey

    Peter, It should be… in its own incredibly… not… it stands apart in it’s own incredibly…

    Sorry to be a pedant, but that its/ it’s thing really annoys me.

    Kind regards 🙂

  3. Rod

    Again there’s this high upon high experienced by the reviewers; “The album begins with the beautiful fall of a song called ‘Snowflake’, before getting operatic, strange and even more sublime with ‘Lake Tahoe’ which is as deep and decedent as the place itself,…”. And since we know that Kate Bush’s songs reward repeated listening over time, this experience can only become more intense. That’s more intense than reaching the sublime and I suspect the sublime here is meant in the poetic sense of Romanticism. I think this album can’t fail to blow our minds.

  4. reading all the reviews makes me so much more restless… and then when the lyrics came up. time for dreaming. in a snow covered world. =^.^=

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