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“A semi-classical concept album with a pop song thrown in”: Lucy Jones (Telegraph Blogs)

Lucy Jones on her Telegraph blog sees 50 Words as evidence that those over 30 can’t write a pop song. Did she really expect pop songs?

She’s difficult to critique because she is so the sum of her parts. I feel uncomfortable not loving this album because I think she’s a genius (she’s my second most listened to artist on iTunes). I really want to love it and it feels strange that I don’t … Part of the problem is that 50 Words For Snow is a concept album. Cue groans and rolling of eyes … The obvious pitfall for artists making a concept album is the risk that their songs will sound “samey”. And even though there are independent standout moments on some of the tracks … 50 Words cannot hide from this criticism … Hardcore fans will think this album is sublime and it is very Kate: unpredictable, expansive, devoid of cliché … 50 Words for Snow will be a disappointment to some; Kate’s set the bar high. But it’s still the best secular Christmas album ever released.”


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  1. Neil

    Well this isn’t a collection of pop songs and when a singer passes the age of 50 i think the title of ‘Pop singer’ sits as uncomfortably as a pair of jeans on a pensioner.The album is new to me and my first reaction is appreciation at the beauty of Kate’s voice and the imagination at work and the dare to be different attitude that she’s always had.Whilst perhaps suffering from piano overload weighing it down and making the tracks seem less diverse , hopefully repeated listenings will bring out the character of each.An album for reflective listening and not easily to promote via radio partly due to the length of the tracks and the fact that it doesnt sit easy next to the xfactor disposability of pop.

  2. Rod

    Ha, yes, was she expecting a pop song? I’m not sure she wasn’t just hitting her word target. It is still entertaining to read and Lucy is a Kate Bush fan, and you can’t help but notice all the contradictions involved in the tussle she had making it all fit the spurious initial premise. Did she want cliche? Surely not. Did she expect predictable? I doubt it. Did she have a deadline? That’s likely. It’s just about making copy. And anyway, I think Lamont Dosier and many others, including the Moz, have disproved Michael Gleason’s theory over and over again, but it makes a nice conversation piece.

  3. Secular? Kate Bush? ‘What kind of spirit is this?’

  4. Pip

    Christmas album? From what I understood, this isn’t a Christmas album. It’s about snow, not a holiday. Sounds like some reviewers should do their homework.

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