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“Grating four minute instrumental solos”: University Observer

Safe to say that Niamh Murphy at University Observer doesn’t particularly like 50 Words for Snow. A D+ rating and damnation with (very) faint priase:

the album’s slow moving songs are lifted by the few power ballads that could certainly make it on to this year’s Christmas Karaoke list… The six minute intros may be tedious, but once over these initial hurdles the songs possess a gentle Enya-esque quality with the occasional touch of soft rock. It’s an experimental work that, despite the occasionally bizarre spoken lyrics, tedious length and a decidedly unfestive atmosphere, could be worse…”


“A semi-classical concept album with a pop song thrown in”: Lucy Jones (Telegraph Blogs)


News about the 50 Words vinyl release


  1. Ez

    The students in UCD are philistines. And I should know, I was around them long enough.

  2. Just heard “Snowflake”. I really don’t have the words except to say that Albert’s voice is beautiful on this. Kate taught him very well.

  3. I think the fact that this is a concept album does tend to be overlooked. Concept albums are by their very definition, challenging to the listener. Kate’s new work is no exception to this, and requires repeated listens to allow the music to unfold; and its many layers to be understood and truly appreciated. Personally, the first time I heard this work, it did throw me completely, and I was unsure of what to think (to say the least!). But now, after several listens, I’m beginning to appreciate how complex this piece of work really is. As a side note: The title track really does (for me) have a very Country and Western “feel”. It’s an addictive track, I can’t get it out of my head! 🙂

  4. HarryHorton

    “Snowed in at Wheeler Street”–the sonorous echoing in and out of the melody’s opening is reminiscent of a piece from Aerial and thus a continuation from that album in some regards in terms of its musicality. The “Man with the Child in His eyes” and “Snowed in at Wheeler Street” the subjects of both songs could be about the Eck master and Kate Bush’s on and off spiritual connection to suxh a highly spiritual Eck master. Also losing one, a subject in Wheeler Street is likewise a subject in kate Bush’s “Fog”. Slipping into the fog at the risk of losing one is present thematically in that song also. This theme is like the Eck master is trying to keep the spiritual connection with kate Bush it seems. The Wheeler street lyrics that state: Travelling back to Rome when the city was burning perhaps is expressive of Kate Bush’s spiritual soul travel journey perhaps with the Eck master back to earlier historical times. In anycase while listening to Snowed in at Wheeler Street, one can check out the website and the content on that web site could surprisingly match alot of whats in this latest kate Bush song.

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