Safe to say that Mr. Kinski is a fan:

Unlike The Directors Cut, an album that demands repeated listening.  It’s also unlike any other Kate Bush album … Previous Kate Bush albums sound as if they have been put together over many months, or even years, whereas this album sounds very organic, with spaces that in the past may have been filled with instrumentation.  50 Words For Snow uses these spaces to create a unique atmosphere, perfectly in keeping with the glacial theme … As a fan of Kate’s music from way back in 1978, it’s comforting to hear an album as ambitious, as lyrically eccentric and as rewarding as this, so far into her history. 50 Words For Snow demands your attention, this is not background music, and it’s not the sort of album to be scattered amongst other tracks in your playlist. It’s early days yet, but this could turn out to be one of Kate’s finest albums.”